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  • Avatar für yasmoeba
    I could dedicate this song to so many people it hurts
  • Avatar für Irlandese64
    John McCrea is a master of middle-finger irony.
  • Avatar für Porpentina
    "Excess ain't rebellion. You're drinking what they're selling. Your self-destruction doesn't hurt them. Your chaos won't convert them." Damn right, great lyrics.
  • Avatar für Lempea
    take that, hipsters!
  • Avatar für Agilipuppy
    is it YOU or your parents in this income tax bracket!
  • Avatar für paulbd
    As long as the soda cans are RED WHITE AND BLUE ONES!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar für jennica_med_c
    Wow, I know quite a few people like this.
  • Avatar für T-Music7
    Oh I was there.... and I heard of them first! Yeah... oh yeah.... alright! "Rock on completely with some brand new components!" Love this song! Great band.... They put on one hell of a live show also....
  • Avatar für halfmike
    excess aint rebellion [2] i want that on a t-shirt
  • Avatar für evilpsycho182
    I had this randomly on my first ipod (the '03 model) and was reminded of the song when watching tv recently and someone was wearing a Moto Guzzi shirt, been racking my brain for who the song is by

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