• A New Meme - edc04001

    21. Mär. 2007, 14:30 von bamgrrl

    Obligatory meme instructions for those that might want to take on the challenge. So I was reading some of the memes out there and I ran across one that I thought was kind of interesting. You were to play your neighbour radio station, list the first ten artists that came up and your feelings about them. I tried it and eh. It was okay. Two artists I didn’t like. One I never heard of but was iffy on and the rest old favorites. So I thought I’d try something I thought was more interesting to me personally. I thought I would do each of my friends’ radio stations. List the particular song as well as artist and give my reaction to it. I’ve also decided to add a music video of some kind to the journals to give them a little interest.

    I have no idea who edc04001 is or how we became friends. We have a low taste-o-meter but I’ve learned that means nothing. So here we go with no expectations.


    Taste-o-Meter: Low

    Pencil Skit - Never heard of pulp before. But…I am really enjoying this song quite a bit. …