• 10 songs I love right now - 28/09/08

    28. Sep. 2008, 16:16 von KCKate

    Biffy Clyro - Buddy Holly (Weezer Cover)

    I actually heard this cover before I heard the original. I assumed that the original would be pretty out there too; I went looking for it and found a sweet American pop song. Biffy have magically transformed this track into something very impressive. Built around ridiculously complex time signatures and shifting melodies, this is an amazing musical masterpiece. Then the Scottish voices singing the lyrics over the brilliance, following the original tune but fitting it very loosely around the backing just make the song what it is. They made it better. Obviously I'm biased, Biffy being my favourite band, but seriously, this would be a good cover either way.

    Envy & Other Sins - Help Yourself

    This song is so damn happy. I bought it on the Prodigal Son single at a gig in Stratford, a self-released venture by Envy & Other Sins which didn't really get anywhere, but which is really quite brilliant. …
  • Nacho Libre Soundrack

    25. Jun. 2006, 15:31 von lostinthefound

    So the other day I went with some friends to see the Jack Black creation "Nacho Libre." The movie was ok, amusing in some parts, but I absolutly adored the soundtrack. A quick Google search told me that Paramount was not planning on releasing an "official" soundtrack. I am pretty disapointed; the movie featured several new songs from Beck, so there would definetly be a market for it.

    With more research I found that the rest of the soundrack included work from several Mexican bands: Los Lobos[/artist}, Caetano Veloso, Esquivel, Gil Gilberto, and several songs from Mr. Loco. Apparently, Beck recomended the latter to the producers after picking up his CD for a dollar in Mexico City. Oh, Beck.

    The problem is that I can't find many of his(Mr. Loco's)songs anywhere. The song that kind of served as Nacho's theme song in the film, "Religious Man," is available on Mr. Loco's MySpace page, but that's the only one (he does not have a thingie, apparently). …