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OAV in 8 Teilen

Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: 12.10.1999 (VOX)

Mega Tokyo im Jahre 2032. Im Jahre 2026 hat ein schweres Erdbeben ganz Japan dem Erdboden gleichgemacht und die Leben von Millionen von Menschen ausgelöscht. Um die zerstörte Insel wieder aufzubauen, investieren große Gesellschaften Geld in die Errichtung von neuen Städten. Eine High-Tech-Entwicklung sind die "Boomers", semi-intelligente Cyborgs, die als…

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  • Nobody cares ? Who the fuck voted this ridiculous picture...
  • Enjoy the music instead of talking shit about tags. Nobody frankly cares at all.
  • here's some info: a listing of all 8 BG Crisis tracks can be found here: cover art can be found here: now it seems the lady whom sings as Priss correct name is : OOMORI Kinuko NOT Ohmori etc. in addition i have labeled the artist on the tracks that are sung by the 4 ladies as Knight Saber. obviously each of the 4 ladies gets credit for the tracks she sang. the bg music should be labeled as Kouji Makaino.
  • I agree with Boro 666 thats a insult to the ladies that put in a lot of hard work behind not only the voice acting but the singing. COME ON get it right Congrads to Kinuko on her career Even though Toshiba EMI tried to screw her over LOVE YA KINUKO ( ya think she'll see this)
  • Songs are form BGC Vocal Collection, so why the hell should anyone name it as Knight Sabers? Knight Sabers are only a fictional band in the anime itsefl, not a real artist. TRhe only problem here is itself. They can't connect multiple names under one. So the stats always will be crap.
  • Resuna, I ended up tagging tracks that had all 4 Knight Sabers as Knight Sabers. Otherwise it's done by the VA. It's a real bitch cleaning up some of these tags...
  • You can tag Bubblegum Crisis OAV tracks with Knight Sabers (the group name) or the artist.
  • Well, the anime Bubblegum Crisis isn't an artist or group, so it probably shouldn't even have tracks tagged with it... the actual voice artists and musicians should be getting the credit. (eg, Oomori Kinuko) I'm gonna go check and recheck my own tracks now.
  • What the fuck... a ska band is called Bubblegum Crisis? Hello???? It's the best anime on world... PLS play ska with another name -.-

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