• 2008 review

    23. Nov. 2008, 21:53 von jamesdcody

    Top Ten Albums Of The Year:

    1. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

    Simply put this is one of the most beautiful records you may ever hear. The Seldom Seen Kid is Elbows forth studio album and was totally self produced and is also the winner of this years Mercury Music Prize (and well deserved too). The Seldom seen kid is actually one of Elbows old friends and fellow Manchester musician Bryan Glancy who sadly passed away and the album is dedicated to his memory.

    The record starts off with Starlings Which begins with a wall of noise before the most melodic and tuneful piano and drums come in to show elbow at there finest. Guy Garvey sings "The violence explode inside me when i meet your eyes, Then I'm spinning and diving like a cloud of starlings. Darling is this love?" an absolute tune, some of the best lyrics i've ever heard (What an Opener!). Next we pick up pace with The Bones of You(One of the songs…
  • Lists From the Last Semester at School

    25. Apr. 2008, 17:03 von avatarofnirvana

    So, I decided to take a gander at what my most played stuff was over my last full semester (well, the last 3 months anyway) at Purdue, and really, I'm not overly surprised at the results.
    1 My Rights Versus Yours - Quite obviously, my favorite track of Challengers
    2The Electric Version - I wanted to gear up for Rock Band, and it's just such a great song!
    3A Million Ways A combination of three versions... the album version, the iTunes live version, and the Bonerama version... the Bonerama version is just amazing... OK Go has always needed more horns, and that version proves it
    4Myriad Harbor - Another favorite off of Challengers
    5 Wave Backwards To Massachusetts - It wasn't until I heard them do this one live that I understood that the song title is the chorus... Also, my hatred of Massholes contributes to my love of this song
    5 Love Will Tear Us Apart From their iTunes Original session... my favorite Joy Division song, and I really like how New Order does it.
  • BSP: From Scapa Flow

    29. Mär. 2008, 17:20 von tkdcoach

    Fri 28 Mar – British Sea Power

    I had a great time at this show as the lads from Brighton (by way of Cumbria and greater Manchester) performed the entirety of "Do You Like Rock Music?" as well as material from their prior releases at 's Phoenix Hill Tavern in front of around 300 locals. The main room at Phoenix Hill Tavern is arranged with the stage facing the side of the long hall--it's intimate to say the least. BSP opened their set with Atom, and before long had played all the singles from DYLRM? (Waving Flags, Canvey Island). An interesting choice I felt as those are the tunes I expected them to play later in the show. Perhaps my favorite song was the instrumental, The Great Skua. Other highlights were Spirit Of St. Louis (you could tell they were excited as the next night's gig was to be at St. Louis), No Lucifer, Lights Out For Darker Skies.

    BSP, in short, are phenomenal in person. Despite the snarly staff at PHT --which hasn't changed in 30 years. …
  • the 2007-09-27 Roundtable Round-up

    27. Sep. 2007, 20:17 von GregKNicholson

    There were some songs played on Roundtable this week. Here are some words about them. Down there. After these words. ...Yeah, those:

    The panel says that Lasso by The Duke Spirit is “ballsy”, and it is, but in an unremarkable way. It doesn't distinguish itself from other rollocking rock tunes, but nonetheless rollocks nicely.

    At first on Atom, British Sea Power alternate between sounding like a band simply playing in a studio, and like a massive crowd playing in some kind of cavernous ice... cave. After a while the shifts between these two sounds become less pronounced and it turns into another simple driving rock tune. At one point the song includes a convincing replica of The Kaiser Chiefs' trademark ascending wail, which will no doubt elicit claims from the masses of copycatting and riding on the Chiefs' coattails. (Yes, despite the face that BSP have been around for ages—these are the masses we're on about.)

    Gimme More is a Britney Spears track—mainstream pop music with a cautious splatter of electro and disco. …