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  • <3
  • Always ♥
  • I'm hoping that Dave will be more involved in the songwriting. He can never take Richies place, but he did co-wrote a couple of good tunes both with the band and for Richies solo albums.
  • Not gonna lie that I'm not curious to see Bon Jovi without Richie. At least Jon gave us one year to assimilate that now he is going to make the band his solo career.
  • I hope that the band gets through Richie's defection. I'm glad that we've had time to process it before it was made official. To get both new Bon Jovi and Sambora albums could be a good thing. I do hope that if they take in a new permanent guitarist (Phil X?) that both he and Hugh is made official members. It's about time that the latter gets some recognition.
  • [url=]7800 Fahrenheit[/url]: Very Underrated LP. Yes, it has all the masterpieces: Price of Love, Only Lonely, Hardest Part Is the Night & Always Run To You.
  • I have the best music library that you ever seen :3
  • TerraeFilius +1
  • ♥♥♥
  • Always , it's my life ,living on a prayer , blaze of glory , have a nice day , wanted dead or live <3
  • Melhor banda de pop/rock do mundo =D
  • I hope to see them for the third time soon <3 My favourite band
  • Blergh [3]
  • Se isso não for som de menininha,então eu não sei mais de nada.
  • Blergh [2]
  • Blergh
  • Выгорел порох, давно уже.
  • Любителю тяжелого рока хорошо отдыхается за такой приятной музней, разбавляя обычный тяжеляк.
  • отличная попсня, its my life никогда не надоест
  • Какая же параша этот последний альбом. Альбомы после 1986 можно не слушать, за исключением единиц песен, которые можно сосчитать на пальцах одной руки, к сожалению.
  • Never Say Goodbye ♥
  • So many classics! <3
  • Just bought New Jersey's Super Deluxe Edition!
  • Ouço Bon Jovi desde meus 5 anos !! <3
  • Up:
  • мерзее группы нет
  • <3 !
  • being a Christian I change the words on its my life to "and I'm gonna live forever" I love the song
  • Its my life lol. This song gets me on my nerves sometimes when I hear it on radio ....
  • <3
  • Dafuq? No description?
  • I don't quite like what they've done to Does Anybody Really Falls In Love Anymore, I'm missing the "I know!" from the leaked demo. But I'm LOVING Diamond Ring and Full Moon High. Deluxe New Jersey is an amazing release.
  • Bon Jovi don't have a description? Are you kidding me?
  • You Give Love A Bad Name ♥
  • Don't look back, let it go
  • Been waiting for high quality releases of Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? and Backdoor To Heaven for a long time. Can't wait for New Jersey Deluxe Edition to be released.
  • Helloヽ(≧∀≦)ノ コンサート行きたい!
  • Always <3
  • Альбомы 80-х и начала 90-х збс. Дальше уже не то.
  • У них помимо "ицмайлайф" есть что послушать под настроение.
  • Рок - это заебать всех одной песней #ицмайлайф
  • I'll Be There For You ♥
  • Что-то в них есть, определенно.
  • Мировой мужик, шикарное музло!
  • Livin On A Prayer ♥


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