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  • tony hawk pro skater got me into them
  • too much memories indeed.
  • Man the memories! i loved these guys back when i was like 14 [knew the album 'bodyjar' like word for word!] i didnt even know they were still around!! and now they are playing London!! soo tempted, tho their new music isnt really too my liking ...616=13...
  • The new record is fucking good. Exceeded my expectations.
  • New record is solid.
  • New song fairytales:
  • Sounds quite a bit like Slick Shoes.
  • V-A
    It`s not the time to grow up! Anyway!
  • Canadian melodic skate punk since 1992 Everyone the time has come to invade the digital world . Slush is proud to announce our new compilation album entitled 50 PLUS with of all of our songs from the last 6 albums ( including our newest s/t album ) is available on 1 download . You can purchase it a few ways 1. from itunes for $11.99 that's .23 cents a song ( What a deal ) or download each song individually for .99 cents each Please spread the word of the new compilation album . 50 PLUS with all your favourite slush songs on 1 download for $11.99 . Including full albums for 1997 - " lifes pretty easy when your fat and greasy " , 1999 - " Call the Neighbours the Boyz Got Jobs " , 2002 - Global Incineration " , 2005 - " Buried Inside " , 2008 - " That's What She Said " , 2012 - " S/T " spread the word and the link
  • Not the Same ♥ 2
  • nitro records
  • Я одного не понимаю, почему остальные песни-то так мало слушают. Всегда считал, что лучшая "Not from where I stand" =))
  • fucking UNDERATED band +1
  • что вы все так на Not the Same зациклились, чарты лол
  • Not the Same ♥
  • Canadian melodic punk rock since 1992 , new album out dec 13th 2011 visit . Tons of free downloads videos
  • Finally listening to an album after Not The Same being my favourite song from THPS3 for how many years.
  • Return to Zero not in top 10 :-/ ,for me top track !
  • not the same GOOD SONG!
  • nice
  • up
  • Gosto do que é bom
  • Youuu're not the same, youuuu've changed, I don't need you anyway.
  • amazing band!!!!
  • Rest in peace, amazing band
  • "The Hi-Fi Live Official Bootleg Series" (the last Bodyjar show) is great.
  • amazing band!!!!
  • I first heard that on Tony Hawk 3. Really nice song. [3]
  • fucking UNDERATED band
  • best listened to without pants
  • sadly disbanded
  • клевая группа !
  • haha Awesome "Not The Same" is no.1 :) I first heard that on Tony Hawk 3. Really nice song.
  • Why the hell is One i a Million down so far in their charts.
  • discovered this guys on tony hawk's pro skater! fucking UNDERATED band, [5], this guys should be on the mainstream! they totally rock!
  • check out , canadian melodic punk rock since 1992. All of our music is free to download
  • fucking UNDERATED band, [4]
  • These guys are pretty overlooked, and their music has stood up well over time when you compare to a lot of the garbage that's out there. Maybe because they're from Australia? Who knows.
  • fucking UNDERATED band, [3]
  • fucking UNDERATED band, [2]
  • fucking UNDERATED band,
  • I saw Bodyjar but they were opening for the Living End instead :D i kinda prefer these guys :O
  • Not The Same is the best :P
  • I discovered this band on Tony Hawk's Soundtrack, the best! [5] But I at least downloaded their album to know further their songs '-'
  • "Saw them open for blink 182 when I was like 10 or 11" fuck you
  • they're fucking gr8 !
  • new to 'em and just went through a bunch... try out 'you say', 'you've taken everything', 'windsok', 'land on me'... actually rimshot! in general; for a bit more skater style, good stuff less poppy.
  • Saw them open for blink 182 when I was like 10 or 11
  • super cool band !!


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