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Großes Cover

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan ist das zweite Album von Bob Dylan.

Es wurde zwischen Juli 1962 und April 1963 in New York aufgenommen, von John Hammond produziert und 1963 auf Columbia Records veröffentlicht. Nach dem Misserfolg seines Debütalbums Bob Dylan, welches nur zwei Lieder von Bob Dylan enthielt, veröffentlichte Dylan auf Freewheelin' nur zwei Coverversionen anderer Stücke das traditionelle "Corrina, Corrina" und "Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance", die Dylan jedoch erheblich umschrieb. Alle anderen Lieder waren Originale von… mehr erfahren



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  • The high points are among the greatest of Bob's career ("A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," "Masters of War," "Girl from the North Country," "Blowin' in the Wind") but it's terminally overlong and some of the songs that try to be humorous are excruciating. I think Another Side of Bob Dylan is considerably better.
  • there are definitely throwaways on this album but the a hard rain, don't think twice and bob dylan's dream 1-2-3 punch is so brilliant that I can overlook a few subpar tracks
  • The album that made Bob Dylan. One of my all time favorites from him.
  • there are no "throwaways" on this album. that is all [2]
  • Classic.
  • для меня лучший альбом Дилана!
  • there are no "throwaways" on this album. that is all
  • Not even on Nobody 'cept You? But it's a valid insight.
  • v What he said... although he never did, in my opinion, recapture the innocence that his earliest love songs carry... that's what happens when one weds.
  • I would never the deny the power and rich timber of Bob's voice on this album, and I was delighted and spellbound by it when first getting into him, but man are there a lot of "throwaway" songs. Don't get me wrong, they're all fun and charming and nice to hear when the record's playing, but compare the weakest song here with, I don't know, You Angel You, or True Love Tends to Forget, or Gonna Change My Way of Thinking, or even Lenny Bruce. Seems to me that Dylan was a *far* more accomplished artist on the whole come the '70s and on into the early '80s. And it's not like the massive and rightly-celebrated heights here aren't matched by later masterpieces, either. Hmm. It's pretty amazing that an album that so impressed me at first could come to seem bordering on paltry later, and only by comparison with the same artist's later work!

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