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  • One of the most interesting bands out there
  • Not bad
  • Memoria Vetusta I-III is so good. Pretty remarkable that each album maintains that consistent "epic" feel, even though there's so much time between each release.
  • disciple’s libration is perfect!!!
  • Memoria Vetusta III is mindblowingly beautiful, gorgeous melodies, constant riffs, and it just created memorable soundscapes to me. Its easily one of Vindsval's best albums in a long time
  • esquizofrenia pura
  • I love that the name isn't technically correct. Blut aus Nord is a good name. Blut aus dem Norden, Blut des Nordens aren't.
  • ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::::::::::::::_________________________________________
  • Such a great band in my opinion.
  • Memoria vetusta I is something out of this world
  • While diving into the back catalog, they have become my new favorite metal band. Just great stuff all around.
  • шикарный проект <З
  • eat some fruity loops while listening to BM >:(((((((((
  • Upcoming split with Ævangelist: Codex Obscura Numina
  • Antithesis of the Flesh is my favourite BAN track.
  • Industrial BAN is best BAN.
  • yeah
  • Then, why would they use this pic on the interview with Vindsval here: Im pretty sure this blog is serious enough to not use a unknown pic on his interview.
  • New pic, thumbs up guys!
  • Thanks for posting that interview. It was a fascinating read.
  • blvt avs nord
  • Great interview. Fascinating that after recording a given song he never plays it again. Compare that to a normal touring band who must play some songs numerous times. Must be a major reason the band is still so fresh today
  • My favorite from the Trilogy is, by far, "Desanctication".
  • I adore the Blut-aus-Nord-Epitomie-Tryptich. I always wanted to say that phrase!
  • new album is awesome, fucking great band
  • Anyone could scan this image (from the MV3 booklet) in high resolution?
  • Still it sounds more like collaboration than the new album of Pyramids. It would be more convenient to release it like that.
  • Blut aus *Nod*
  • as is mentioned [url=]here[/url] Vindsval only provided drums for the Pyramids album. the rest of the music was constructed around the drumming. hence the industrial sound and the time signatures remind of BaN.
  • You guys aren't counting the new Pyramids album. Half the music is pure BaN, the other half is excellent BaN collaboration.
  • Seriously, I love his music.
  • yeah and last year they only released 2 EPs and one full-length LP. something must be wrong.
  • been a long time since they don't release anything new, weird
  • Finally listening to MoRT for the first time. One of the freakiest albums I've heard in a long time.
  • mORT is a psychedelic nightmare
  • [url=]new Pyramids album featuring Vindsval is streaming right now[/url]
  • I think we can all agree W.D Feld and GhÖst never existed.
  • There's a new Pyramids song, with Vindsval as a guest performer. It sounds VERY Blut Aus Nord, but with a different vocalist, something more in the lines of The Angelic Process. It's very good I must say.
  • New album is very impressive.
  • The name "Blut aus Nord" translates from German as "Blood from the North", though the non-standard grammar suggests nautical jargon (a more standard phrasing would be "Blut aus (dem) Norden" or "Blut von Nord(en)," though cardinal directions are seldom used in spoken German to begin with). /quote
  • I fear there was no google translater in time when band had been created.


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