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  • This is almost perfect song[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/gingembre/].[/url] Please more like this[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/spiruline/].[/url]
  • I love this song so very much that my heart is bursting while listening to it...
  • this song is so important. teenage life summed up in a song.
  • amazing song :)
  • <3 <3 <3 so much!!!
  • one of there best
  • always like them, 2bad bout shannon
  • second to mouth full of cavaties
  • nobody jam like them - probably the black crowes...
  • I only wanted to be 16 - and freeeeee...
  • Blind Melon is amazing!!!!!
  • Awesome song
  • R.I.P - SHANNON - Never 2 b forgotten !!
  • one of my favorite songs :)
  • so many great songs other than no rain, not enough love back in their day!
  • Blind Melon will never be the same without Shannon!!!
  • loved these guys they dont play em enough!!!!!! soup is my fav rec.
  • Love this song makes me happy every time I hear it. R.I.P. Shannon
  • one of my favorite 90s songs, has been for ages :)
  • v spiritually
  • ancient time what you mean?
  • they are from an ancient time
  • This song reminds me the freedom of summer. Windows down, hot breeze, sun burned knees, and alcohol. One of my favorite tracks on this album.
  • Yeah! One of my favorite Blind Melon tunes - one of my favorites in general, really...
  • this song jams!!
  • good song
  • i only wanted to be 16 and free
  • I adore the beautiful intro to this song
  • =D
  • R.I.P.
  • Thats the way to go for a rock musician. Really, Bill Hicks was right.
  • to think of all the music we lost... SIGH!... RIP Mr. Shannon.
  • awesome!...no one can replace shannon!
  • i'm learning through last.fm that this band has many many great songs..wish i jumped on their band wagon sooner!!
  • RIP Shannon!!
  • All hail Blind Melon
  • the greatest quote of the lyric:i only wanted to be sixteen and free. damn. Maybe it's definitely true for all human in this world
  • blind melon with the new vocalist is a fake. Blind melon= Shannon Hoon.
  • one of my favourite 90s songs :D
  • Que voces...,increible temazo de Blind.
  • I didn't mean to feel this way when I walked into the door. Then they ripped away my memories and I can't remember who I was before. And I only wanted to be 16 and free again. Such a similar, universal feelings. Not many artists can/could do this.
  • Muy buenas voces... Estan chalaos!!! Buena banda.
  • Sounds like bubblin for sure.
  • to WhyattTrash: I noticed that sound too! it's definitely there. We're not on crazy pills.:)
  • Oh God you know I've tried I know how hard I tried
  • I really miss this band..!
  • Just noticed something about this song... At the very end, last verse right before the end there is a very very soft sound that sounds like water bubbling... Sounds like a bong... I never noticed it before. Anyone else notice this or am I eating crazy pills?
  • Love Blind Melon, it's the albums not only one song that's great! but this is one of the really great songs of so many others!
  • i only wanted to be 16 and free
  • Love this song, possibly my favourite BM track.

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