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  • Avatar für RiffM4chine
    What do you mean by Scandinavian shit? elaborate please.
  • Avatar für AnaalForsage
    So much better than Scandinavian shit
  • Avatar für duartemartinho
  • Avatar für cookedbacon
  • Avatar für HammerDod
    v UGGGGHHHH about time for some new Blasphemy
  • Avatar für Ziukkinna
    "also Blasphemy/Goatpenis split supposedly coming soon" yiiiiiiiaaaaaaah
  • Avatar für Valenehow
    cool, let's wait for it.
  • Avatar für Valenehow
    v is this true? If so, my day was made.
  • Avatar für kvasirs_blood_
  • Avatar für GodofDeathMetal
    Chaotic, awesome and beautiful black metal.
  • Avatar für Herr_Liddell
    This is some incredible and awesome shit. I love those riffs and the atmosphere, definitely, Old School bm.
  • Avatar für DARKZSOU7
    Got it as well the sound is just perfect.
  • Avatar für Mystificati0n
    http://www.last.fm/group/Severed+Survival join
  • Avatar für Habitual-Infamy
    just got my FAOD reissue, looks and sounds great, can't wait for the LP
  • Avatar für treeweavermetal
    My re-issue gets delivered today. Thank the Gods of War.
  • Avatar für Krvoslednik
    Now let's pray for Blood upon the altar on vinyl.
  • Avatar für Evilmantheone
    Waiting for the LP, this is a must-have on LP.
  • Avatar für dark_wisdom
    "FOAD" Fallen Angel Of A Doom
  • Avatar für dark_wisdom
    "If anal sex were music, thats how it could have sound." I cannot agree anymore.
  • Avatar für dark_wisdom
    v Great news. Finally I'm going to have an official copy of one my favorite albums without thinking in spending 200 fucking dollars for it.
  • Avatar für Habitual-Infamy
    Fallen Angel of Doom cds available at Nuclear War Now! Productions, vinyls next month
  • Avatar für YesterdaysRain
    If anal sex were music, thats how it could have sound.
  • Avatar für MoribundSolace
    FOAD is being repressed by NWN, fucking finally!
  • Avatar für AnaalForsage
    Best black metal band ever
  • Avatar für DARKZSOU7
    kawaii metal
  • Avatar für drydenhead
    Ugh so damn good.
  • Avatar für caduds
    Ross bay cult eternal... ARGH!
  • Avatar für BTsGraveland
    fucking relentless riffing and blasting that could level entire forests faster than fucking predator could ever dream of. amazing hateful stuff.
  • Avatar für treeweavermetal
    Yeah, I wish they would just do a massive re-issuing campaign of FAOD. It's not like the market isn't there for it, there are loads of people out there who want the album but don't want to pay $400 for it and risk getting a bootleg / copy in poor condition / etc... it's almost as if they enjoy the cult status of the album and the fact that it's probably one of the biggest ones that scalpers try to sell off to make money. Blake Judd had it on his "list"....
  • Avatar für weltering
    They kind of bring that upon themselves by keeping vinyl repressings limited. Things could be worse.
  • Avatar für althefknamsrtkn
    FAOD deserves better than to be masturbated over by autistic vinyl collectors on the NWN forum
  • Avatar für patisawesome121
    lol war metal. Ridiculous name, but man, these dudes murder.
  • Avatar für ZersCancer
    Fucking cunts need to release a new full-length.
  • Avatar für serega_ozz_deat
    Не хуя себе,ещё 1 ханк
  • Avatar für Trash73
    BLASPHEMY! Doesn't really fit my tastes (asides from Beherit) but this band is just savage!
  • Avatar für DARKZSOU7
    @ECW3XTREMERULE Yes I agree with your music tastes.
  • Avatar für steelironmaiden
  • Avatar für ECW3XTREMERULE
    Boring, generic gay metal.
  • Avatar für ivor138
    my wake-up band <3 you so BAAASSSEEEEDDD!!!!
  • Avatar für JewJitsu666
    One of the greatest NSBM band to come out from canada
  • Avatar für Morbidni_Isus
  • Avatar für UponDoom
    hahaha fuck off
  • Avatar für DonApollyon666
  • Avatar für whiskeyhammer95
    v [2]
  • Avatar für dark_wisdom
    Fallen angel of doom needs a vinyl repress. The ones for sale at Discogs are way too fucking expensive.
  • Avatar für SlaveOfN1l
    And got socked in the nose by Black Winds :3 Afterwards they made up over unearthly amounts of booze, like real men
  • Avatar für DARKZSOU7
    Except K.K. Warslut actually had the balls to say that to them.
  • Avatar für JewJitsu666
    Calla of da stormz wouldn't do shyt
  • Avatar für Acridhammer
    The hell is it these days with 4chan dwelling weeaboos aping far right wing politics to seem controversial?
  • Avatar für simonitroX
    This is so damn GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I want MOOOOOOOORE!!!


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