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"Electric Funeral" ist der fünfte Song von Black Sabbaths zweitem Album "Paranoid" aus dem Jahr 1970. Das Lied befasst sich mit dem nuklearen Krieg und seinen Folgen. Thematisch an "War Pigs" angelehnt mit wesentlich düstererem Text beschreibt der Song ein alptraumhaftes postapokalyptisches Ödland, in dem verstrahlte sub-humane Mutanten in einem künstlichen Garten in ständiger Angst vor radioaktivem Niederschlag leben. Das Ganze wird von einem unheimlichen Main-Riff untermalt.

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Reflex in the sky
Warn you you're gonna die
Storm coming, you better hide
From the atomic tide

Songtext für Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral


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  • sls
    I think people underestimate the influence of the darker side of psychedelia on Sabbath. Take the wah effect on Electric Funeral for example... it came out in 1970. Just 2 years before, this is the type of context the wah pedal was used in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQyB5buEV5s Add to that the fact that Ozzy actually covered "Pictures of Matchstick Men"... it's clear that he was familiar with, and influenced by, psychedelic music. (among other things of course)
  • mind blowing when I first heard that song many years ago
  • bew-bew-ew-ew-ew
  • The last funeral was good Qornz bu I needed my teddy beat
  • the beginning always reminds me of hendrix.....
  • so mega
  • This was the song that got me into metal
  • one of the first guitar riffs i learned ;))
  • I'm learning to like Black Sabbatt
  • The way they juxtapose the vocals and the instrumentation come the "Buildings crashing down" verse is so good.

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