• Bethany Dillon, the amazing 18 year old

    15. Okt. 2006, 17:49 von MazzieEowyn

    Mhm, I just signed up on last.fm today, and I've already filled up my tracks list with songs from Bethany Dillon's latest album, Imagination. I only just listened to the album the whole way through, and I'd say I'm still a huge fan of Bethany and her voice.

    It's so hard to get hold of (good) Christian music these days - HMV don't stock it, and the little Bible shops which do are just that - little, and few and far between. Hence I found 'Imagination' in the CLC bookshop in Newcastle having already heard half the album.

    Anyway, down to business. Generally, Bethany has some amazing talent for a girl her age (she was 17 when this CD was released) and she sings some thoughtfully and beautifully written songs, a lot of which are on this album.

    Track no. 1 ~ Dreamer
    'Dreamer' is a relaxed and pleasant album opener, and one of my favourites. It also seems to be a 'theme' song for Bethany and thus sits right in the middle of her musical style. …