• Muxtape

    1. Apr. 2008, 21:21 von JoeyMcAllister

    After reading a comment from R_Kamidees in my previous post, I wandered over to his journal and discovered a link to Muxtape. I've lately been wondering about the possibilities of a Web service that would allow one to create Web-based "mixtapes," as I remember my days of trading cassettes with much fondness. I've discovered some amazing music that way, and I hope that I've shared some with others as well.

    Click the following to visit Joey McAllister's Muxtape.

    There are some basic rules that suit me just fine. For instance, you can't repeat an artist or have more than one song from a particular album. You also can't have more than one Muxtape. I could see the 10 MB/song limit becoming an issue if someone wanted to put something like The Cure's Carnage Visors on a mixtape, but then ... who would do that?

    Another really cool thing about Muxtape is the ability to switch out songs. I can appreciate the ideal of "creating the perfect mixtape…