• Ben Folds gig review - Manchester Apollo Sat 27JAN07

    1. Feb. 2007, 23:48 von Vauncey

    My Ben Folds drummer jinx has finally been broken.

    This is the third time I have seen him live in the UK and the first time he has actually had a drummer. The first time it was just 'Ben Folds and a piano' and the second (in Birmingham) the drummer got food poisoning and unfortunately Ben didn't quite manage to fill out the very large National Indoor Arena alone.

    Skip forward to Manchester and the superb venue that is the Apollo. Its an old theatre so the floor is sloped and you get a fantastic view from wherever you stand - I very much recommend this as a venue and its only 10 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly railway station.

    Onto the gig... overall a great performance and value-for-money as ever with a running time of around 1 hr 50 minutes. After a creating a fantastic overture by playing the intro to The Final Countdown over the stereo he opened with (Theme From) Dr. Psyser.

    Now he has two albums worth of material Ben seemed to play more solo stuff than Ben Folds Five which was very cool. …