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My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille (3:07)


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  • Fuck yeah
  • Reminds me of partying in Macaulay Culkin..
  • Hmmmm.......
  • And now, outside, you see the waves in her eyes.
  • this is my favorite song ever.
  • Reminds me of partying in Milwaukee..
  • love it
  • Zach's voice is amazing all kinds of way, omg. love this song ☺
  • <3333
  • nice!
  • And now, outside, you see the waves in her eyes...
  • Love it!
  • like the
  • when you listen to this on the hype machine, it abbreviates to 'my night with the prostitute from mars'. haha.
  • jesus christ
  • So good.
  • Beauty.
  • warmth
  • can't put into words how much I love this song. Zach never ceases to amaze.
  • this song defined pivotal moments of my senior year in high school. Zach will never fully understand
  • cool beats!
  • i can't explain how much i love this.
  • Williamsburg version is nice too
  • dang good song.
  • I love this song, but it took me over a year to discover the "hidden" voice layered with Zach's... I don't know why he wanted to add that. But it's still a sweet song!
  • will never get old no matter how many times i let that beat run through my veins
  • sorta reminds me of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.
  • Does anyone remember Todd Rungren? this guy reminds me of him
  • perfection.
  • Excellent - Thanks
  • that voice is unbelievable. So, so addicting!
  • Why is this so addicting?
  • at first it came on so often i was annoyed, but now i enjoy it? ahaha
  • :O
  • beaaaaaauuuuuuteeeeful live.
  • woop woop!
  • var goot
  • it's perfect!
  • this was the first song i heard from Beirut. Can you imagine the reaction i had when I heard Elephant Gun and postcards from italy...though i gotta say i love his folk stuff so much better.
  • The electronic feel really fits Condon's voice. A lot of indie bands are headed in a direction that includes sequenced material, and many fail at producing something truly unique, but Beirut has achieved something distinctly theirs in "My Night With the Prostitute from Marseille". A complete deviation from Beirut's folk roots would be a disservice to the raw beauty found in songs like "Elephant Gun", but you'll find no argument against this kind of work from me.
  • ohhh man. yes.
  • ZzZzZzZzZzZzzzz
  • somehow his folk, indie sound isnt as tacky as many of the similar artists`.
  • I feel this has a hypnotic quality....very very pleasing :-)
  • I can never get enough of this track. I could listen to it back to back with NO problems!!
  • Beautiful song ! Everything is here 4ever till it goes !
  • this is sooo sooo enjoyable! xoxoxo
  • best song name of 2009. and the song isn't bad too...hahaha Zinedine Zidane is born in Marseille :L
  • i want to dry hump this song


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