• Mind-blowingly good (and free) electronica on last.fm!

    3. Mär. 2009, 17:42 von daintyrecords

    Modesty prevents Dainty Records from drawing attention to Own It Hard, the new release from its very own act Plush Concept out this week. Instead Dainty would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the astoundingly good and (currently) electronica on last.fm. Here are eight top trumps:

    Moduretik (Czechoslovakia)
    Punchy breaks bound along closely followed by strong, minimal synth lines that in turn herald the arrival of pumpy melodies all blooming into an energetic carousel ride of irreverent glee … put a massive smile on my face and deserves a great deal more attention.

    Sample tracks:
    hezké dobré jitro

    Beatslaughter (Germany)
    Once in a while you’re are literally blown away by how good some of this horrifically under sung talent is. Beatlaughter's The Reckless Pursuit of Utopia is classic electronica with a nice contemporary feel while Machinery Torment must be one of the very few tracks that could genuinely qualify as – dark…