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Battery, originally entitled "Fury", was first established in 1990 and released a 4 song self-titled 7" on Deadlock Records in 1991. The record saw Brian McTernan on vocals, Ken Olden and Matt Squire on guitars, Toshi Yano on bass and Zac Eller on drums. The songs from this original 7" were re-recorded and released as an EP entitled "We Won't Fall" in 1993 on the German record label Lost & Found. The band, as it states in the liner notes of the EP, then turned into Worlds Collide with Matt Burger becoming the new vocalist.

The band achieved phenomenal success in Europe, especially in Germany, whereas in the USA they were only well known in the D.C. area. Battery was eventually reformed with Brian McTernan and Ken Olden, a new bass player (Ben Chused) and a new drummer (Al Rosenberg) and embarked on an extensive European tour. They released their first full length album in 1994, "Only the Diehard Remain", on Tidal Records in the USA and on Lost & Found Records in Europe . This album featured the cover of 7 Seconds "We're Gonna Fight" and featured Ken Olden performing all of the drum and guitar tracks. In the same year they released a four song E.P. entitled "Let the Past Go" as well as a split 7" with Ignite, both on Lost & Found Records.

By 1996 they released "Until the End", their second full length album, which featured another 7 Seconds cover, "Young Till I Die". By this stage they had a new drummer, Jason Hamacher, who was also a member of the D.C. spazzcore band Frodus. This album saw the refinement of the bands old school revival sound, in that it saw them move towards a more stripped down and melodic style. Ben Chused then left the band and began playing drums in the Boston hardcore band, Ten Yard Fight. He was replaced with Graham Land who had played guitar in Worlds Collide and founded Better Than A Thousand with Ken Olden and Ray Cappo, the singer of Youth of Today. The band then began their first major tour in the United States, headlining with Ten Yard Fight, as well as their second major tour of Europe with Damnation AD.

Their third and final full length release "Whatever It Takes" was released on the major hardcore label Revelation Records. The drums on this album were, for the first time since "We Won't Fall", not performed by Ken Olden, but by Jason Hamacher. This album was by far the softest and melodic of their releases and Brian McTernan explained in an interview that the next record would be "more aggressive sounding". After the release the band toured the United States and Europe with Revelation Records labelmates, Better Than A Thousand, In My Eyes and Speak 714.

Unfortunately another release would never materialise and the band broke up, reportedly due to differences between Brian McTernan and Ken Olden. In 2002, Ken Olden released a compilation CD of Battery's best songs entitled "Final Fury: 1990-1997" on the Spanish hardcore label, Soul Force.


Self Titled 7" (1991) - Deadlock Records
1. Shattered Stone
2. Fury
3. I Won't Fall
4. Fading

We Won't Fall (1993) - Lost & Found Records
1. I Won't Fall
2. Overcome
3. Fury
4. Shattered Stone
5. Fading

Only the Diehard Remain (1994) - Tidal Records (USA), Lost & Found Records (Europe)
1. Left Behind
2. Trap
3. Empty Room
4. Unwound
5. Success Story
6. Choke
7. Last Dance
8. To Hold
9. No Right
10. Only The Diehard Remain
11. We're Gonna Fight (7 Seconds cover)

Let the Past Go (1994) - Lost & Found Records*
1. Bitter Taste
2. These Are The Days
3. Piece Of You
4. Do You Believe

Split 7" with Ignite (1994) - Lost & Found Records
1. These Are The Days
2. Choke

1. In My Time
2. Aggression

Until the End (1996) - Conversion Records (USA), Lost & Found Records (Europe)
1. In Our Hands
2. Has Been
3. Why Is She In Pain?
4. Go Back To The Gym
5. That'll Never Be Me
6. Never Forget
7. Say It
8. In The Dirt
9. Move On
10. The Factory
11. Until the End
12. Young 'Til I die (7 Seconds cover)

Whatever It Takes (1998) - Revelation Records
1. What I'd Give
2. Brand New Place
3. Throughout
4. Leave It Behind
5. Part 2
6. Another Reason
7. Half My Time
8. You Can't Win
9. To Want
10. Retrace
11. Who Are You
12. Whatever It Takes

Final Fury: 1990-1997 (2002) - Soul Force Records
1. In Our Hands
2. Has-Been
3. Why Is She In Pain
4. Go Back To The Gym
5. That'll Never Be Me
6. Never Forget
7. In The Dirt
8. The Factory
9. Until The End
10. Left Behind
11. Trap
12. Empty Room
13. Unwound
14. Success Story
15. Choke
16. Only The Diehard Remain
17. Do You Believe
18. Bitter Taste
19. These Are The Days
20. I Won't Fall
21. We're Gonna Fight (7 Seconds cover)
22. Young Till I Die (7 Seconds cover)

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