• Favourite duets

    21. Dez. 2009, 19:57 von Michahh

    Two great voices in one song... These are my favourite duets, including both popular classics and some more obscure stuff:

    Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up
    Featuring Kate Bush of course... A beautiful 80s ballad that I love more and more each time I hear it. While I like both singers, I'm no huge fan of either of them... But the way they sing this is just amazing.

    Morrissey - Interlude
    Featuring Siouxsie. Another very calm 80s track... Just read this line from the lyrics, it's the atmosphere of the whole song in a nutshell: "Let's hold fast to the dream that tastes and sparkles like wine..." A shame that the 2 of them didn't get along, their very distinct voices make an excellent combination.

    Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
    These two sounded so great together that they turned several duets into timeless classic hits. I couldn't really decide if Summer Wine's my favourite, or maybe Some Velvet Morning. Both songs have such a wonderful mysterious touch.