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Vo. Ryo (怜),
Gu. Akira (晃),
Gu. Kei (圭),
Ba. Bansaku (万作),


Kei und Ryo kannten sich schon aus Clarity bevor sie gemeinsam zu kannivalism und letztendlich zu baroque (und dann wieder zu kannivalism) wechselten - beide waren vorher außerdem noch Roadies bei Kagerou. Seltsamerweise scheinen japanische Bandmitglieder oft in früherer Zeit irgendwie miteinander verstrickt gewesen zu sein, denn Kuya, früher…

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  • Posted a new promo of them.
  • I hope they announce a release date or something
  • OHP updated with cryptic msgs. #2spooky
  • hope4kannivalism
  • So it seems that Akira also has left the band...
  • forgetmenot. Yes, the letter along with not showing up at their concerts made the other 3 members believe it was not a letter written by Bansaku himself and they're still consider him as "missing". They never believed the letter were sent by him, only a representative lawyer who wanted money, and they said they'll only believe the message in the letter if they got to met Bansaku personally. At least that's what a friend living i Japan has told me, she has been on many recent live concerts. On their live concerts they're still saying they're looking for Bansaku.
  • キズナ is gold.
  • Yeah, the new album is definitely just 'ok'. Everything is hit or miss. Only redeemable tracks, honestly, are just the already released singles they included on the album. I miss the sug life sound but I guess i'll take what I can get.
  • @Killinstinct Nah, after digging into news, apparently he left them a letter saying he wanted to cancel the contract and leave the band (lol yeah, this was like ages ago). It's not that he's actually missing, more like he's avoiding to meet the rest of the band. @Furik I believe the album is not yet around online, if you know what I mean.
  • Can anyone give their thoughts on the new album?

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