• Charming ode to a special city

    9. Mai. 2010, 11:35 von twIXta

    Sat 8 May – Xenopolis met Ceylan Ertem & Baraná

    After a messy trip because changing busroutes a year ago was not enough time to change info on stations and on internetsites dedicated to this stuff, and thanks to today's busdrivers either not knowing where you're going (thanks chipcard) to tell you where to get off or not able to tell you what busstops are on the route because they have a clue on what the stops are called I missed the first song.

    But enough complaining, the place itself, a new thing I've never been to, turned out easy to find and it was small and cosy with one or two seats free, so I was lucky to have a seat. The core of Baraná (Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman) was augmented by guitarist Jeff Sopacua, percussionist Afra Mussawissade and the well-known experimental cellist (madman) Ernst Reijseger. Lastly the Turkish vocalist Ceylan Ertem joined to make electrified jazz spiced up with Turkish influences. The show was themed around İstanbul and every tune touched upon the different aspects of the city. …