• A Drama Queen Blurts

    15. Jun. 2007, 23:08 von gasheadau

    Being old - 43 - and posting to LFM makes me challenge every key that springs up under my fingers. I have to control my language - I love language.

    I have to grasp my understanding of old people - like me - posting to the ether as a sound. I do this as a sound.


    Old man Tim

    BanbarraShack Up
  • the 2006-11-04 Saturday Fetch-it

    4. Nov. 2006, 14:23 von GregKNicholson

    Ey. Ey! It's the Fetch-it.

    Y'know, I don't know what Babyshambles is for. In particular, I'm not sure what the point of The Blinding is. I'm still sort of waiting for them to just quit. It's just... a song, with this vaguely unsober bloke singing and a few other musicians playing instruments much like lots of other songs.

    (For those that haven't cottoned on yet, this is the bit where I talk about the songs that were on last night's Roundtable – I tend to do that sort of thing before recommending a song for you to get, on which, more shortly.)

    And Hold Me In the River has a bit of a hook after the bit where the backing drops for a second. So it's generic post-punk.

    (Once I've finished banging on about Roundtable, I'll recommend a song for you to “fetch”, and then you'll “fetch it”. If you don't need to “fetch it” because you already have it, you are good. And hence receive a Disappointingly Unalliterative Saturday Fetch-it Pre-emption Point™ (DUSFPP™). Bet you can't wait.)