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ABERDEEN, Maryland
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Ballyhoo! formed in their early high school years in the of summer 1995. Hailing from the small Maryland town of Aberdeen, the band has crafted a sound all their own, mixing pop, rock, reggae and punk rock. With three albums released, Ballyhoo! has sold a combined 10,000 hard copies and over 90,000 digital downloads, albums and singles. Most notably, the second album, “Do It for the Money!” was the album that put the band on the map. With songs like “Cali Girl” and “Cerveza”, the album showcased the band’s knack for pop radio songs and sing-along party anthems. The third effort, “Cheers!” was released in March 2008 to wide acclaim. It was produced by former 311 producer Scotch Ralston. The first song was mixed by 311 drummer Chad Sexton. Long time fans were thrilled over the new songs, calling it “the best one yet”. All 3 albums are available at CD Baby, iTunes, and many other digital download stores.

Touring has become the number one priority for Howi, J.R., Donald, and Scott. The band has been booking solid national tours to the west coast and back for years on their own dime. The shows are getting better with every trip, more fans are turning up to see the band that plays the songs they love to sing to. Every show is a party as the guys love to get the audience involved as much as possible. From crowd-driven cadences to pulling a random fan on stage to play guitar, Ballyhoo! strives to make the night a memorable one every time.

In 2005, Philadelphia rock station WMMR began spinning “Last Breath”, a track from “Do It for the Money!” which led to opportunity to open the spring concert at the Liacouras Center to 5,000 people. Complete with a full on arena light show and a jumbo-tron, Ballyhoo! showed that they were capable of connecting with a crowd of any size and put on a great show. Headliners that year were Switchfoot and Soul Asylum.

In the spring of 2008, Ballyhoo! was humbled by the chance to support national recording artists 311 and Slightly Stoopid. “It’s always intimidating when playing for another band’s crowd, you never know how they’re gonna react”, says front man Howi Spangler, “but then you see that they’re enjoying it and the worry goes away and you’re free to rock at that point”. This success led to a deal with booking agency Union Artists Group.

Ballyhoo!’s music has been featured on numerous surf/skate videos and compilation albums including “Forever Free: A Tribute to Sublime”, featuring the band’s cover of “40 Oz. to Freedom”. You can also hear Ballyhoo! songs in the 2008 feature film “Green Flash”.

In 2009, the band has big plans in the works like touring abroad, new music, and a slew of new fans that will soon hear it. Through the help of Myspace, Facebook, and other social communities, Ballyhoo! always stays in touch with the people that are enjoying the their music. So make sure you swing by and say Hi. And tell a friend!

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