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siehe auch: Аквариум (Akwarium), Boris Grebenshikov (= B. G.)

B.G. was born Christopher Dorsey in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was raised in Uptown's 13th Ward (Valence & Magnolia intersection) which introduced him to guns, drugs and violence. His father died from the raging violence in the community. The youngest artist signed to Cash Money Records at that time, Dorsey, given the stage name "B.G." ("Baby Gangsta"), released his debut LP with Lil Wayne (The B.G.'z), True Story, in 1995 at the young age of 14. (Lil Wayne signed at 11) As the only Cash Money artist to survive several roster purges, B.G. was instrumental in helping carry Cash Money to regional fame. Multi-millionaire label head Brian Williams, who also became an artist for the label under the name "Baby" soon after Birdman, allowed B.G. to catapult to success.

B.G's release Chopper City sold 147,000 copies independently in 1996. He was only 15 years old when he recorded the album. The next year, he released the albums It's All on U Vol. 1 and It's All on U Vol. 2 when Cash Money signed a $30 million deal with Universal in 1997, B.G. went to work on his seminal Chopper City in the Ghetto LP. The album spawned the massive hit "Bling Bling", which, along with Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up", made Cash Money a nationwide success. "Bling Bling" also became a popular hip-hop slang term for any sort of expensive jewelry, automobiles, or other forms of opulence, which were featured heavily in Cash Money videos and on Cash Money album covers, as well as in B.G.'s life. He began wearing multiple Rolex watches and large necklaces while flashing his solid gold teeth.

In 2002 B.G. formed his own record label Chopper City Records (first distributed by Koch Entertainment) and released Livin' Legend.

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