• Band Reccomendations (Updated January 15th 08) Working Links!

    18. Jan. 2008, 4:49 von Unknownfear

    Instructions: The following is a list of the bands of the genre's i like. (Not nessesarily what i like) All have myspaces. Under each band, will be a list of the top 2-7 bands that I know you will like if you like the band named. I don't recomend Slipknot, System Of a Down, Avenged Sevonfold Godsmack or Sevendust. But they will be included anyway. This is still a concept but, I trust this will work pretty well. Feel free to make suggestions and add bands!
    Band a -- Genre
    My Top 5: Band c, Band d, band g, band 8. Band q
    To Navigate to the band you want, use "Control + F" the find comand and type in the band you want. If they are alternative or metal i'll probably have em listed.

    3 Doors Down– Alternative Rock
    The Best Wanna-be-metal band Ever. Now when I refer to 3 doors down, im not talking about Here without you and When im gone. I'm talking about their good shit, the stuff you don't know about and you think you do. These guys are actually really damn good. …