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  • I want to see BA again, live. It sucks he has too much of a hassle trying to find a place to play here. :(
  • Last time I saw BA he played in a sailor outfit, shot confetti while playing piano with his nose, unbuttoned a bouncer's shirt, drank from the tap at the bar, shot fireworks outside the bar (illegal here in PEI), and played an encore in the girls' bathroom. Give this guy your money.
  • I saw this guy live for the first time tonight. He started razzing the next town over. One of the quips he used was "Why do the seagulls fly upside down in *the town*? Because there's nothing for them to shit on over there." Give this man your money.
  • BA Interview!
  • Last night was the most magical show I've ever attended. Please release Pep 'n Ched in some format I can listen to over and over and over. <3 <3 <3
  • Last time I saw BA was last night at Sappyfest. He handed half a dozen beers to random audience members, and set off a bunch of fireworks while standing on the roof of his mother's van. Give this guy your money.
  • "highly spirited" aka drunk as fuck
  • Last time I saw BA was over a year ago and I claimed to be able to beat him up and he replied "Sure you could, Curly" in a very sarcastic tone. Give this guy your money.
  • Last time I saw BA was last night at the Vin Diezel Lounge. He played in a cage and then did two encores, one in the men's bathroom and one in the women's bathroom. Give this guy your money.
  • last time I saw him play he crowd surfed on an inner tube. give this guy your money.

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