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B°TONG: hostile electronics - noisy tectonics - drones & tones

B°TONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of the German experimental/industrial group NID (1995 - 2005). With B°TONG, he reaches for the nether regions of experimental electronic sound, and has established himself as an acknowledged experimental soundscape creator. So far he has shared the stage with such known artists as: Aun (CDN), Column One (D), Dave Phillips (CH), Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (D), Origami Galaktika (N), Sudden Infant (CH), The (Law) Rah Collective (NL), To Live And Shave In LA (USA), Vladimir Hirsch (CR), Zbigniew Karkowski (PL). B°TONG has appeared at festivals like Sinus-Series (Basel 2006), Ausklang (Hamburg 2006), Shift (Basel 2007 & 2008), Lab 30 (Augsburg 2009), and has performed on various radio stations. B°TONG sometimes collaborates with other artists (Alain Courtis, Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim, Kommisar Hjuler, PS Stamps Back, TBC, Tamagawa), is part of installations (“Polarkreis” & “95°“ by Brigitte Gierlich & Camilla Schuler), video-projects (“Images” by Ulrich Fischer), and does his own clips to assorted pieces of his musical catalogue. The video to Sphere II was shown at the 2007 Miami Art Fair as part of the Urban Nomad film-festival; the videos to Black Dog Dream and 95° were shown in Beijing (Taiwan), and his latest, Fragile Package, made by video artist Silvia Bergmann is available on various Internet forums.

B°TONG has toured through Belgium, Canada, Czech Republik, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.S.A.

The music is a choice of dark brooding layers of sound, high pitched tones, and weird electronic sounds that give birth to images of darkness and tranquillity, the solitude of an icy polar night or the equivalent of an underwater journey into the bottomless pit.

B°TONG uses samples from television, radio and film, and processes these on the computer with recordings of his voice and other. There are no instruments involved! In a live-situation Chris Sigdell relies on instruments like microphone, metal-sheet, electric toys, and… kitchen utensils. The sounds made with them are fed and put through various effect-pedals giving him that trademark sound.


- untitled 3" CD-R (Verato Project) limited to 120
- Wider Der Elektronik Schlecht Gewissen 7"+CD-R (P.B.B.) limited to 50, 3” CD-R limited to 14
- Tilt No.9 CD-R compl. (1000+1 TiLt) with: "Waves To The Shore"
- Polar:is CD-R (1000+1 TiLt) limited to 120
- One Man Drone 12" EP compl. (Mayo Rec./P.B.B.) with: "To Raise A Thief In Your Midst"
- Nid: Plate Tectonics CD (Auf Abwegen)
- Grindweh 7" endless track compl. (A Tree In A Field/Saeurefabrik) with: "Grindarsch"
- Microsleep CD-R (Verato Project) limited to 60, MP3 (Clinical Archives)
- El Inventor Del Schabernack CD-R (L.ike A.n E.verflowing S.tream)
- b°tong/F.T.B.P.D. split 3” CD-R (L.ike A.n E.verflowing S.tream) with: “Feine Junge Brechbohnen”
- Structures CD/MP3 (Noecho Records)
- Genetic Design Flaw CD-R (Ambolthue Records)
- Hysteria MCD (Verato Project & Gears Of Sand) limited to 60/120, MP3 (Noecho Records)
- De-constructing Kommisar Hjuler CDS (SHMF) hand-made Cover limited to 11
- b°tong & PS Stamps Back 3“CD (1000+1 TiLt)
- The Lodge 10“ compl. (The Lodge) limited to 25, with „Nyarlathotep“
- b°tong/Broken Sleep split cassette (Snowy Tension Pole) „Beyond… And Further Still)“ limited to 50
- The Great Disintegrator (Snowy Tension Pole) limited to 100
- Ov Elf And Haarp CD (Attenuation Circuit) 50 in ltd. box, unlimited version in normal case


Live Café Cairo, Würzburg 10:

…Danach kommen die »Handwerker«. (…) Der Schwede inszeniert mit viel haptischer Finesse, indem er Küchenutensilien reibt oder mit Geigenbogen streicht und über Kontaktmikrophone akustisch unter die Lupe nimmt, hochgradig spannendes Kino für die Ohren. Sehen können, wie Soundgebilde entstehen, ist hier Programm. Sein Maschinenpark ist ein atmendes Wesen, wie ein Dschinn, der in seiner Flasche rumort, lacht,
Selbstgespräche führt und, unklar ob als Opfer oder Schurke, Drohungen ausstößt. Den Handgriffen entsprechen unmittelbare Effekte, voluminöse Delaykaskaden, sirenenartige Glissandos, sehr abwechslungsreich und fesselnd. Wie ein Klangkunst-Veteran neben mir beifällig bestätigt, bekommt man Live-Elektronik derart gekonnt nicht alle Tage zu hören.

Die Faszination, die von B°TONGs Set ausging, sollte sich rumsprechen. Nicht oft wird derart sinnfällig gemacht, dass Freiheit etwas mit Improvisation zu tun hat, mit Spiel und nicht zuletzt mit Räumen, die man der Phantasie der Zuhörer auftut.

Live De Vechtclub, Utrecht 10:

… Chris Sigdell had done a show before in 'De Vechtclub' in Utrecht not long ago. And as before he presented a very well crafted sound collage with a lot of sounds created on the spot. I bought two more releases this time. Highly recommended as they are real works of sound art with great attention to detail.

Live SHIFT - electronic arts festival, Basel 08:

Kino für die Imagination. Ganz Geräusch, das nicht nur Klang, sondern mehr war - Struktur, Körper, Raum, Architektur.
Miss Gunst, Home Made Labor 08

Sehr beeindruckend. 2008

Live AZ Conni, Dresden 08:

Sehr experimentell und kurzweilig, insbesondere da man als Zuschauer dem Schaffensprozess beiwohnen durfte.
Club-Debil 08

The Great Disintegrator:

When we walk the path of experimental music and abstract music created with an unique sound, we must talk about Chris Sigdell. This time Chris offers us a very floating composition, focusing on ambient structures and drone elements from a point in which you should experience a kind of astral gnosis, a kind of self-transformation through sonic soundscapes. The interesting point with the whole structures created by b°tong is the way he deconstructs and recycles diverse sound sources in order to create something unique and well elaborated. A very impressive work.

b°tong & PS Stamps Back 3”CD:

B*Tong has by now a solid reputation for playing some darker than life ambient music, and PS Stamps Back glide easily along the glacier like tones here…
Frans deWard, Vital Weekly 10

Hysteria CD:

Mit “Hysteria” setzt Chris Sigdell, der starke Mann hinter b°tong, ein weiteres Ausrufezeichen in Sachen experimenteller Dark Ambient!
Kulturterrorismus, RaF Dezember 09

B°tong’s prolific output is only matched by the variety of music he creates.  From electronic, to ambient, to experimental, each release takes a form all its own and makes it’s own statement.  From the actual music to the artwork and packaging, B°tong’s creations are all encompassing.  Everything is inter-related and suitable, yet interesting.
Heathen Harvest 09.09

It’s a darkly psychotropic experience and one I urge you to try for yourself.
A Wonderful Wooden reason 09

Mission erfüllt, würde ich sagen.
Magnus, Creative Eclypse (Rating: 7/10)

That's the way to do these things. Bravo for b°tong.
Frans de Waard @ Vital Weekly 09

Genetic Design Flaw CD-R:

Im Fall von “Genetic Design Flaw” gilt der Satz “Love it or hate it!” – meine absolute Empfehlung, wenn man nach Dark Ambient auf höchstem Niveau verlangt! Kulturterrorismus, Dezember 09, RaF
Structures CD:

An amazing drone machine with such strong dense structures mutating all the time.
Colombian Cocaine

A very powerful album, with a fine combination of long soundscapes and sonic events that are dotting the landscape. The result, whether monumental or not, is indeed worth time and money.
Heathen Harvest 6 09

Der Sound von „Structures“ ist düsterer, roher und echter als man das sonst vorgeworfen bekommt. Knarzendes maschinelles Rauschen – Brummen – purer Sound. Gut so.
A.Z., Dead Magazine 4 09

It’s a well thought-out and excellently performed noise collage.
Kronus Metal 09

It feels a lot like an agonizingly slow crawl through a dark tunnel where the dim light at the other end never gets closer.
Adam Costa, 2009

Icy cold drones recorded between 2005 and 2006 inspired by a visit to an ice palace in Sweden. Exquisite.
Mersenne, Undomondo 08

Pure Bedrohlichkeit und Zerstörung aus Feldaufnahmen. Gekonnte Melange aus den Stilen Dark Ambient, Drone und Noise. 08

Chilling and effective. A superlative release of darkened environments and harrowing moods.

Perfect Isolationist drone music. This is his best work to date.
Franz de Waard, Vital Weekly 08

El Inventor Del Schabernack CD-R:

The next deconstructive organism born from the deepest subconscious level.
Heathen Harvest 09, transcribed by Sage L. Weatherford

Microsleep CD-R:

A fascinating romp through an industrial ambient wasteland.
Heathen Harvest November 2008

Wirklich ein seltsam-düsteres, interessantes Album.
Creative Eclipse 07

This is actually quite a nice release in the field or ambient, drone and isolationist music.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 07

Polar:is CD-R:

It's considerably more interesting than most music being produced in this style at the moment and if, to use a crass term, dark ambient is your particular bag, then you'd be hard pressed to find anything better.
Wonderful Wooden Reasons 08

Moving away from the microsound laptop doodling, he enters the spheres of isolationist drone music.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 06

3” CD-R:

Richly detailed stills sailing through gentle oceans of drony water.
Tobias Fischer, Mouvement Nouveau 06

Unheimliche, apokalyptische Horror-Reise durch düsterste elektronische Gefilde.
Rating: 6/10 Creative Eclipse 07

The collision of sounds and technology works quite nice here. In all their more upfront micro sound, quite nice.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 05

Nid - Plate Tectonics CD:

Irony is an integral part of the music business: after over a decade of touring, performing and playing, Nid finally get to release their first full-length record with one of the bigger labels on the scene and then the band has already disbandened. For twelve years, the project was a constant, its members operating from their home bases of Switzerland and Germany, but reaching out to all of Europe, selling self-burnt CD-R’s from the trunk of their car. But even though “Plate Tectonics” has missed out on providing them with their hoped-for breakthrough, it is still a welcome document of a band who could truly “rock” a crowd.
Tobias Fischer, Mouvement Nouveau 07

An amazingly weird record, and absolutely essential listening for the drone obsessed, which we would assume should be most of you…
Aquarius Records 07

'Plate Tectonics' is said to be the only real CD - although you never know, if they reach the same mythical status as Maeror Tri, that might change.
Franz de Waard, Vital Weekly 07

One Man Drone 12":

Some truly bizarre, gorgeously freaky cinematic dronemusic.
Aquarius Records 2006

Past dates:

02/11 91mq, Berlin (DE) with Hatz, FTBPD & Darkrad
02/11 MS Stubnitz, Hamburg with Hatz, FTBPD, Darkrad & Rovar 17

11/10 Schlachthof, Basel (CH), with Daniel Buess, Niki Neeke & Yan Jun.
11/10 Kulturbunker, Köln (CH), with Lasse-Marc Riek & Nq + Achim Tang.
11/10 Cave 12, Geneve (CH), with Corridors and Yann Gourdon.
09/10 Domagk Halle 50, München (DE), with Buckettovsissors, F.B.P.D. & Darkrad.
09/10 Cairo, Würzburg (DE) , with Buckettovsissors, F.B.P.D. & Darkrad.
09/10 Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover (DE), with Buckettovsissors & F.B.P.D.
09/10 AZ Conni, Dresden (DE), with Buckettovsissors.
09/10 Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin (DE), with Buckettovsissors.
09/10 Mdme Claude, Berlin (DE) , with Buckettovsissors.
07/10 Støy På Landet, Rognes (N), with Svartsinn, Prayer For Oblivion & many others.
05/10 Vechtclub, Utrecht (NL), with Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 L’An Vert, Liége (B), with Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 Chapelle St. Jean, Mulhouse (F), with Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 Le Chiquito, Paris (F), with ???, Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 Appart Café, Reims (F), with Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 Landbouwbelang, Maastricht (NL), with Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
05/10 Zwijssenpand, Tilburg (NL), with ???, Origami Galaktika & Tamagawa.
04/10 Satisfactory, Basel (CH), with Zbigniew Karkowski & ???
04/10 Zakk, Bremen (D), with Golden Cup
04/10 Radio Gagarin, Hamburg (D), collaboration with TBC & F.T.B.P.D.
04/10 Rote Flora, Hamburg (D), with Ultralyd, Interstellar Drive and Das Elektrische Ich.
03/10 Bazillus Club (The Lodge), Zürich (CH), with Tho-So-Aa & Sum Of R.
01/10 Centre Culturel Libértaire, Lille (FR), with Bruital Orgasme, Bucketovscissors and Prayer For Oblivion.
01/10 Obsesions Intimes 4, Bruseels (BE), with Bruital Orgasme, Bucketovscissors, Solar Skeletons and more.

11/09 Bollag, Basel (CH).
11/09 Le Sonic, Lyon (F), with Aun.
11/09 Le Chiquito, Paris (F) , with Aun.
11/09 Vechtclub, Utrecht (NL), with Aun & (Law Rah) Collective.
11/09 TAC, Eindhoven (NL), with Aun & ???.
11/09 XT3, Prague (CR), with Aun & Vladimir Hirsch.
11/09 Club Debil, Dresden (DE), with Aun.
11/09 Mdme Claude, Berlin (DE), with Aun.
11/09 Lab 30, Augsburg (DE), with Aun, Machinefabriek, Emerge & F.T.B.P.D.
10/09 Manege Minor Hall, St. Petersburg (RU), with Noise Russia, F.T.B.P.D. & Minimata.
10/09 Open Space Gallery, Yaroslavl (RU), with F.T.B.P.D. & Minimata.
10/09 Dom, Moscow (RU), with Fear Konstruktor, F.T.B.P.D. & Minimata.
05/09 Electronic Church, Berlin (DE), with F.T.B.P.D. & 1000schoen.
05/09 Strom & Rausch, Mainz (DE), with Psychotronic, C14, F.T.B.P.D. and Afasico_Z.
04/09 Oxfam Café, Medford (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine & Shit.
04/09 Katacombes, Montreal (CND), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Aun.
04/09 Le Taranga, Toronto (CND), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & V vs V.
04/09 The Belmont, Detroit (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Unicornium.
04/09 The Creephole, Michigan City (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine and Shit.
04/09 Village Green Records Open Air, Muncie (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & many others.
04/09 The Bela Dubby, Lakewood (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Fragments.
04/09 The Hexagon, Baltimore (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit, WKC & Light Of Shipwreck.
04/09 The Velvet Lounge, Washinton (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Kuschty Rye Ergot.
04/09 The Model Home, Philadelphia (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Light Of Shipwreck.
04/09 Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & unknown.
04/09 Monkey Town, Brooklyn (USA), with Tamagawa, Oldine, Shit & Enos Slaughter.
03/09 Radi FTB, Barcelona (ES) radio live-boradcast.
03/09 Kasa Jove De Roquetas, Barcelona (ES), with C-utter.
01/09 Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) collaboration with Alan Courtis, with Talibam.

12/08 Villa Rosenau, Basel (CH) with Dave Phillips & iD.
11/08 Subterrarium, Vienna (A) jam with Animal Machine, Clemens Hausch & ???
11/08 Fluc (Club Moozak), Vienna (A) with Animal Machine, a.o.
10/08 SHIFT electronic arts festival, Basel (CH) headphone concert; with Fennesz, Chris Walt, Interdisco,
Strotter Inst, a.o.
10/08 Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel (CH) with Tamagawa & Feldermelder.
10/08 Mala Scena at Centra Za Kulturu, Cakovec (CRO) with Tamagawa.
09/08 Gödör Club, Budapest (HU) with Tamagawa, Rovar 17 & Idealisten.
09/08 Klupche, Zrenjanin (RS) with Tamagawa.
09/08 Cultural Center REX, Belgrad (RS) with Tamagawa & Ivan Ckonjevic.
09/08 Tovaro Rog, Ljubljana (SI) with Tamagawa.
09/08 MKSC/DPZN, Koper (SI) with Tamagawa.
09/08 Gustaf-Pekarna, Maribor (SI) with Tamagawa.
09/08 La Locanda, Vigolo Morchese (IT) with Tamagawa, Tryptamin & Dyskinesia.
09/08 Le Lounge, Marseille (F) with Tamagawa.
08/08 Lustwerkstatt, Burgdorf (CH) with F.T.B.P.D. & Cele.
05/08 Cave 12, Geneva (CH) with To Live And Shave In L.A.
05/08 Cinema Oblo, Lausanne (CH) with To Live And Shave In L.A. & Sanatorium.
04/08 Ms Stubnitz, Rostock (DE) with Column One & F.T.B.P.D.
03/08 Kasal Jove De Roquetas, Barcelona (ES) with Tamagawa, Shit & Sons Of Bronson.
03/08 La Casa De Los Jacintos, Madrid (ES) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Convivio, Guimaraes (P) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Maus Habitos, Porto (P) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Oremus Gothic Bar, Gijon (ES) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Antzoki, Bilbao (ES) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Noiznahi, Getaria (ES) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 Le Bokal, Bordeaux (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & other bands.
03/08 La Jungla, Barcelona (ES) with Tamagawa & Shit.
03/08 L’Assomoir, St. Etienne (F) with Poésie & Clean Cuts.
03/08 Echokammer, Augsburg (DE) with Tamagawa & The Klng.
03/08 Kalkbreite, Zürich (CH) with Tamagawa.
03/08 Schlachthof, Basel (CH) with F.T.B.P.D. & Tamagawa.
03/08 White Rabbit, Freiburg (DE) with F.T.B.P.D. & Tamagawa.
02/08 AZ Conni, Dresden (DE) with F.T.B.P.D.
01/08 Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) with Sudden Infant & Yann Keller.

10/07 SHIFT electronic arts festival, Basel (CH) headphone concert; with Steinbrüchel, a.o.
10/07 Studio, Athens (GR) with PS Stamps Back.
10/07 Platformes, Athens (GR) with Korean Factor.
10/07 Vmradio.Gr, Athens (GR) live on
09/07 Salon Bruit, Berlin (DE) with Aaron Hull & Plochingen.
07/07 Kiosk Feldbergstrasse, Basel (CH) in a kiosk.
06/07 Cargo Bar, Basel (CH) vernissage during Art fair.
06/07 Keller 424, Freiburg (DE) with F.T.B.P.D. Insurgency & Nullstrom.
06/07 Friends Bar, Basel (CH) with F.T.B.P.D. & Insurgency.
04/07 Centre Culturel Crous, Reims (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Envers Swa, Antwerpen (BE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Driest Hq, Gent (BE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Astra Stube, Hamburg (DE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Raum (), Berlin, (DE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Salon Bruit, Berlin (DE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Carlo Levi, Liege (BE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Raststaette, Aachen (DE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 TAC, Eindhoven (NL) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Living Room, Tienen (BE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Le Hanger, Lille (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Atelier Mommen, Brussels (BE) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
04/07 Le Zorba, Paris (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
01/07 Wagenmeister, Basel (CH) with Mütter Gottes.

12/06 Ausklang Festival, B-Movie/Hoerbar, Hamburg (DE). headliner 2nd day; with Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersberg, Staplerfahrer, a.o.
11/06 Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) with Mr. Hubba & El Mono Inventor.
10/06 Beam On, Kult Kino Camera, Basel (CH) live sound to instant images of Ulrich Fischer at vernissage and collaboration for DVD & installation.
10/06 Portes Ouvertes, Reichensteinerstr. 20, Basel (CH) sound for installation by Camilla Schuler & Brigitte Gierlich during Portes Ouvertes.
10/06 Sinus-Series Festival, Basel (CH) headphone concert; with Thomas Köhner, Andreas Gorlinski, Skoltz_Kolgen, Laptoporchester, a.o,
09/06 Radio.Dio, Saint Etienne (F) live on Radio Dio.
09/06 Le Sonic, Lyon (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 Raymonds Bar, Clermont Ferrand (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 El Inca, Bordeaux (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 Noiznahi, Getaria (ES) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 Los Pulimentos, Bilbao (ES) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 Le Klan D, Toulouse (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 Aux Musicos, Saint-Etienne (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
09/06 La Gambetta Club, Paris (F) with Tamagawa, Shit & Oldine.
08/06 Metropoly Festival - Dreispitz, Basel (CH) with Dave Phillips, Hecate, a.o.
08/06 Gaertnerstrasse, Basel (CH) with F.T.B.P.D. and 2 rock bands.
07/06 Galerie Raumausstatter, Berlin (DE) with O.M.S. - N.M.A.
07/06 Galerie Scherer 8, Berlin (DE) with O.M.S. - N.M.A.
01/06 Un/Real Festival - University, Basel (CH) during L.S.D. Symposium, with Papiro a.o.

12/05 Josefstrasse, Zuerich (CH) with Mir.
11/05 Himmel, Schwyz (CH).
11/05 Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) with Essighaus.

12/04 Portes Ouvertes, Reichensteinerstr. 20, Basel (CH) 2 performances in ice-installation by Camilla Schuler & Brigitte Gierlich, plus installation for three record-players.
10/04 Wagenmeister, Basel (CH) with Origami Galaktika.
10/04 Studenterhus, Aarhus (DK) with Origami Galaktika & Endiche.

1995-2005: Performances with Nid (AKA: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim)

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