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I hugged the wife and drove to work today,
It was only a few miles.
Was in no hurry but the lights were changing up ahead,

Songtext für Ayreon - Connect the Dots


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  • The reality is Arjen choose metaphorical lyrics. read "we are living for today" we pollute Earth, we hunt , we kill, as specoes we human are very dangerosu
  • You must not be adults if you do not understand the lyrics. And if you are an adult, you must not have a job. We all know we're harming the planet, not all of us choose to admit it, even less of us choose to care, and almost none of us do anything about it. We just keep working. Run rabbit, run, dig that hole...
  • The song is not bad but the chorus really throws me off. The "We all know" part is pretty annoying.
  • How the hell are the lyrics corny? I don't like, too preachy, but they are, as a few have said, a commentary on the modern world.
  • i cant connect the dots :(
  • Why does everyone think these lyrics are stupid? I think they are hilarious! The greatness of the song comes from the fact that Arjen makes it comedic, even though the subject matter is a rather harsh commentary on the modern world. Epic comedy.
  • I had a dream that I met a young Ayreon at a restaurant. Arjen was pretty cool
  • so good music, so stupid lyrics...
  • We are dying for tomorrow We are living for today...
  • I love this song so much!

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