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Hub (7:35)

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  • you're sitting around in a mechanical parlor ("the Hub") at 12:41 am, waiting for some welding to get done. you absentmindedly flip through a dusty old magazine; time passes slowly. you feel uneasy, but calm; exhausted but alert. seven and a half minutes later, the job's complete and you're on your way again, riding ponderously through the streets of Calbruc. the nuts and bolts of life fall back into place.
  • I don't get why this hurts so much through headphones
  • Nope. This isn't good even when high.
  • Outstanding, subdued.
  • Tssh tssh tssh tssh tssh tssh tssh tssh dududun TSSH AaaaWWWAAAaaaa tssh tssh tssh Wwiip tssh du tun du TUN du TUUUNN
  • For what it's worth, I think this may be my absolute favourite Autechre track of all time. Just felt the need to share that.
  • This song sounds like it has this main melody slowed down and played over a more intense percussion section. ( FUCKING MARIO^
  • I love Autechre, but I HATE this track! It's driving me crazy. I think it was designed to torture people. Just imagine listening to this in loop on high volume all day.
  • .....miay .....myay
  • Am I the only one who is reminded of Super Metroid?

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