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  • (still) best discovery I've had all these years. I can't even describe how emotionally drawn I am by their music. Forever thankful for the moment I found citrus @amoebaSF on the clearance shelf and decided to give it a try for five bucks only. Fell in love with them ever since. I hope someday they'd reform and I get to see them live. #bucketlist
  • Yuki and James will hopefully be back someday. [+1]
  • Coool vice!
  • That similar artists for once is actually quite on point. Yuki and James will hopefully be back someday.
  • "What is this? A cum convention? For cum enthusiasts? Where one attends to cum with others?"
  • o busseta jah ta na hora de troca a main ne carai
  • 海での自殺 ♥
  • I remember discovering them through some random ass blog page. I don't know why I was reading it, but scrolling down the page I encountered the album cover for the debut and loved it. So I checked them out based purely on that image. They soon went on to become one of my favourite bands. I love Asobi Seksu, and I dearly wish they would reform.
  • ASU = Asobi Seksu
  • I still remember finding them with a friend through a search for ASOB about 10 years ago. My friend hated them, I've been listening on and off for a decade. <3
  • best discovery in ages! so heart-soaking, i love it
  • Their performance in Boston last night was amazing! Was nice to see them together again.
  • fuck off
  • mordwyr: knock knock
  • [url=]Her[/url] music reminds me of Asobi sometimes. :) ♥
  • Another 100 Great Shoegaze Albums. [url=]Compiling now![/url]
  • love yuki
  • Best band name in the world
  • Stupid fucking name. Very my-Japan bullshit.
  • I got to see them playing in Paris. I hope they keep doing music, even if separately.
  • self-titled is best album, followed by Citrus. the rest is decent at best.
  • Was....damn. I will never see them live if only there were a reunion....
  • "Asobi Seksu was a dream pop band"
  • The chorus of "Goodbye" is so awesome and melodic!
  • /Wrist
  • oh my god say it isn't so... please don't go.
  • rip
  • ;_;
  • I hope we'll at least getsome Yuki solo material in the future
  • so sad :(, just as I started really getting into them
  • rip :(
  • Another gazer is lost. [2] I will lay down a rose in their memory.
  • Goodbye, nice knowing you guys.
  • love forever т_т
  • I never got to see them live either, and that was actually in my bucket list!
  • Must hold back my tears. Never had the chance to see them live. :(
  • R.I.P
  • Please say it isn´t so!
  • :(
  • rip in peace another gazer is lost
  • fuck I guess it's true
  • Just posted on their twitter: "Thanks for the memories guys! Saying goodbye for the foreseeable future. We will miss you!" and "So thankful 4 all of U. We love asobi 2. That's why we had to let it go for now. We'll miss it 2. 11 amazing years. Arigato!"
  • i'm going to cry. please please please don't let it be true.
  • Did they disband? :(
  • @bschh: damn, that really makes me wanna see them live. but "trails" is a kickass studio track as well imo with that great shoegaze wall.
  • perfectly crystal, sighs, counterglow ♡
  • Why haven't I started listening these guys earlier?


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