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  • Goddamn, quite some time have passed since i last logged in. Versionfiv, i can respect your opinion that our stuff is mediocre, that's fine. But uhm.. Warum? sold more than 3000 copies, and so did LOVE, i think it sold over 4000 copies, if i remember correctly. S.I.C.K. was downloaded a lot, and i have NO idea whatsoever how many copies Lictor Evaporated have sold. Hope that clarifies a little bit for you. Cheers.
  • anyway I wish you had gotten more fans because you're doing something that while I might not particularly enjoy, I can appreciate. much better than the typical e-tard wannabe trance stuff with effect-filled spoken vocals typical to 'electro-industrial'. I thought your stuff was pretty mediocre 14 years ago and it hasn't gotten much better, I lumped it in with KiEw and Noisex.
  • download counts don't result in fans. that's like saying HAY MY MYSPACE PAGE HAZ 300,000 PLAYS MY BAND IS SUPER POPULAR ... oh wait i haven't sold more than 50 copies of my album! how many copies of your albums have you sold, my friends? i doubt even 1,000 copies all together after all this time.
  • Hell yeah, Lictor Evaporated is damn good...and much more authentic than lots of other stuff being released through all the years...
  • A+P music is higly upgrated with new album.I think so.
  • Yeah, what do you mean Versionfiv?
  • I am so looking forward to the new album.
  • what do you mean by barely? the songs from S.I.C.K. were downloaded 24,000 times so far.
  • and yet even with over a decade of history, marketing, and fan base they can barely even give it away.
  • Tons of free music, gotta love that :D

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