• 2011!!

    2. Jan. 2012, 5:35 von trebleintrouble

    I liked a ton of stuff this year, thus the long list. 30 albums could
    have been in the top 10. Then again, I like the top 10 so much I'm
    not too torn about the choices either...

    1. Kathryn Calder - Bright and Vivid

    I've been in love with her music/voice ever since hearing Immaculate
    Machine's song "Jarhand" about 5 years ago. Herfirst solo album, "Are You My
    Mother?" took me completely by surprise last year. I wasn't even sure she
    wrote any of the Immaculate Machine songs. Turns out she must have,
    because this woman can write a song. And sing. Her last album was one
    of my favorite records of 2010, so I had high expectations for the new one.
    On the surface, this album is a big departure from last year's, which had a fit pretty
    solidly in the folk-rock realm. It was recorded in her mother's living room
    while her mother was sick and dying, and that shows in the songs.
    This one has the same tuneful songwriting and interesting (if not