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Annemarie is a twee pop band from Java, Indonesia. In the end of 2004 Eko and Iqbal talked a lot about starting a twee pop band, so they asked their schoolmates Banyu, Dian, Tantri and Tating if they wanted to join the band. Annemarie’s music is flavored with many influences. Eko loves Velvet Underground, Iqbal adore his twee pop and The Smiths collection, Banyu is very influenced by Blur, Dian had his madchester style, Tating loves Cocteau Twins and Joy Division and Tantri was influenced by her ethereal pop solo project. Together they’re deeply in love with indie pop music.

Their first debut “The Living Model EP” was released by Music Is My Girlfriend in the beginning of 2006. After the recordings of “The Living Model EP”, Eko and Tating leaved the band. During the recording session for the debut album “ABC on TV”, Inu and Jojon joined and became members of Annemarie

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