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Sung Tongs
Animal Collective

Sung Tongs


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  • i love to listen to this at night for some reason. The Softest Voice is so peaceful.
  • heard on HD 1080p makes a huge difference.
  • dope
  • Tongue songs.
  • 10 yrs of sung tongs, "college" still on repeat
  • I started playing the game... and liked the game.
  • We tigahs, we tigahs, WHOOP
  • "mouth wooed her" scrobbles as Animal Crack Box because this album's tag has it as "mouth wooded her" LOL
  • There's a ton of subtleties in this production that don't reveal themselves until like the 30th listen.
  • I have this album art tattooed on my arm <3
  • Absolute best AnCo release without a doubt.
  • Sung Tongs > CHz
  • :3
  • hew wooded mouth mooed
  • I like "Mouth Wooded Her"
  • "mouth wooded her" .....
  • quote that.
  • De todos los discos de AC es el unico que aun suelo regresar a escucharlo.
  • big step up from previous albums imo, lovely album
  • Perfect autumn music
  • didn't think going back and listening to their discog would have me find anything I liked more than MPP - but with time this might do it
  • Downloaded this because it was cited by someone as a "freak folk" album. I guess that would be appropriate but it doesn't appeal to me in the same way that Comus' album did. This one might be a "grower" but my first impression wasn't too great.
  • Intriguing.
  • Why does Mouth Wooed Her have so few scrobbles?
  • mama's going to buy you a dog named rover [8]
  • Holy fuck, "Leaf House", "The Softest Voice" and "Kids on Holiday" are so nostalgic for me.
  • i would really enjoy another acoustic record like this one from the guys
  • mouth wooed her and whaddit i done got ridiculously annoying at times. had to skip em both namsayin
  • No love for mouth wooed her?
  • Is it Psychedelic Acoustic? Or Acoustic Psychedelic?
  • обожаю этот альбом
  • Leaf House is probably almost the best thing they've done so far. That song is just so fucking amazing!
  • good ass album
  • I'm beginning to think that this may be their best album..
  • Last three songs on the album are pretty under appreciated.
  • I don't know about best, but I enjoy this more than MPP and SJ.
  • I've heard from alot of people, that this should be their best, but i just can't seem to enjoy it as much as MPP or SJ. I hope it's gonna grow on me.
  • have i really had this labeled as "sun tongs" for like 3 years fuck
  • I really really think that everybody should drink tea while listening to this.
  • the best album
  • The sound of a mild sunstroke. Works best on VERY hot summer days.
  • My first and only AC album so far... and I love it! I thought the music would be a lot creepier considering how amazingly disturbing the music video for Who Could Win a Rabbit is. And the cover is. But all it does is makes me really, really happy.
  • This album makes me all warm and cosy...... :)
  • i love this album so much i could cry, quite literally
  • Their absolute best. Pure genius.
  • I've waited too long to give this a chance. Maybe afterwards I'll move onto Danse Manatee
  • top 5 all time albums? i think so
  • the fact that good lovin outside is the second least listened to track on this album is a crime [2]


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