• Top 100 of 2006

    7. Jan. 2007, 16:25 von ScReaMaS

    Hello people. It's been a while. Gosh. I just HAD to write a new entry. Thank God that it may actually be useful or interesting :)
    Sooooo... I have this habit of making my personal annual music charts (since 2000, I think. It's so damn FUNNY to check out some of them now, e.g. No. 1 in 2000? Take a wild guess. Vanessa Amarossi - Absolutely Everybody. She beat Vengaboys... Thank God for me discovering the Internet in 2001) and last year was no exception. In 2006 I discovered a lot of new music, more than usually I think, and while making the Top 100 it was as hard as ever to choose what is hot and what is not - and to place the songs appropriately.
    I have a rule that an artist cannot have more than 5 songs in one annual chart, because otherwise the list would lack variety, so I always choose a couple of favourites from albums to include in the Top 100. This year noone can boast even 5 songs in my chart, though Arctic Monkeys and The Killers were close with Fake Tales of San Francisco and For Reasons Unknown