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Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place

Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place


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  • HQ PNG cover uploaded:,+Light+Is+A+Place/+images/83273485
  • We Owe This To Ourselves, Pray Tell, Down & Depraved are great.
  • How it is compared to new surrender? New surrender was totally boring to me, if its like cities or ntfp then its ok to me.
  • there's a funeral in my ears and everyone is invited.
  • The best way to recover from New Surrender. Really good CD, this is.
  • honestly I didn't like the album. The tunes just sounded generic and repetitive, nothing compared to the genius of Cities which was far more creative and unpredictable.
  • Better then New Surrender for me
  • Still a great album.
  • I agree about this being their worst album yet and find it funny that my favourite song (and really the only one I like) has the fewest listeners. Hopefully their next one is better.
  • Their worst album, you'd think bands would get better with time.
  • amazing! (:
  • \o/
  • great album for sure
  • @Robyn_Hood : fuck you, in Canada mine says "the Art of War", and it shall remains so.
  • Meh. Next time these guys shouldn't make false promises. Less poppy and darker my ass. It's okay but my expectations were way too high. Now I have to let it grow on me.
  • Sounds like the same old Anberlin, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • @Robyn_Hood RE: Anberlin's Art of War - on my UK copy, the album cover & track is called The Art of War... Possibly a mislabelling by the producers/etc over here? :/
  • good!
  • wheres All We Have??
  • Lovely. PEOPLE FIX YOUR TRACK CALLED "ART OF WAR" not THE ART OF WAR. Come on! It's fixing it when it doesn't need to be!
  • This album is Win!
  • puta disco
  • Great album; might be their best. Stellar musicianship on Anberlin's part. 9.5 of 10 stars.
  • agreed.
  • Must. Have.
  • woa, i don't know this band but the cover is on my desktop for years. NICE!
  • Love the new sounds amazing
  • I also only JUST realised that the cover is of a horse. Never really had a long hard look at it till now.
  • This album has the ability to just keep growing and growing on you.
  • I'm half way through. So far so good.
  • probably the worst one yet. i miss Cities. Depraved and To the Wolves are cool, but man, these guys used to be so much better.
  • Wow! New album?? When? Hope is nice!
  • love it!
  • Amazing new record! Anberlin did it again! xD
  • This album is absolutely beautiful!
  • I like it. Great job anberlin
  • amazing, pure and simple, need i say anything more?!
  • Love it! Thank god they left the cheesy pop songs off at New Surrender. ^^
  • I have 4 of 10 tracked loved, pretty good. lol
  • To the wolves is the best!
  • As of now, It only falls short of New Surrender, for me. Amazing record! :D
  • i like the direction Anberlin's going the last few releases. DITWLIAP delivers and I'm already hoooked to it :D
  • Happy me the new album
  • Как же я его ждал! Наконец-то!:-)
  • Amazing new album
  • Wish it had more energetic songs but it will grow on me.
  • Not sure how I feel about it yet. Nothing really impressed me but hopefully it'll grow on me.


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