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  • All Albums and videos of Amy Macdonald right Here:
  • <3
  • new album please! (9)
  • <3
  • Fräkmündt's "This Is the Life" release:
  • new album please! (7)
  • new album please! (6)
  • new album please! (5)
  • new album please! (4)
  • new album please! (3)
  • new album please! (2)
  • new album please!
  • Love Music.
  • Two new songs she played live: "Prepare to Fall" and "The Leap of Faith" Hoping a new album is on the horizon.
  • I love her accent!
  • LIve der Hammer
  • Reminds me a little of Indigo Girls combined with Fiona Apple. Lovely!
  • Rea Garvey feat. Amy Macdonald - Oh My Love:
  • Love her . <3
  • love her <3
  • <333333333333333
  • KFC is better
  • There's a new Amy Macdonald song. It's rumoured to be called Prepare To Fall. She sang it at a concert in Hannover for the first. Here is the live video:
  • the orchestral edition of her album is so.... wonderful ! something i think she was the female version of Richard Ashcroft... very great amy macdonald singer ! talent !
  • newwwwwwwwwww cd miss macdonald
  • ~ so soo fab her tone is like the rain on my roof
  • Out of nowhere I found myself addicted to her and that's completely fine. She's absolutely amazing.
  • One of my favourite artists. She's so special and talented.
  • i'm a spaceman flying high ... :D
  • "What Happiness Means To Me" should be on the top 5! stunning.
  • Her voice is brilliant <3
  • i just love her,i can't help myself...
  • <3
  • <3
  • Damn, this girl's got a great voice!
  • Love it! :0)
  • Клевая
  • you were my world and my lifeeeee..... great great singer
  • Adoro :D
  • <3
  • Caledonia been calling me home ... (great lyrics, great artist too)
  • Mr. Rock and roll - don't tell me that it's over- an ordinary life - flower of Scotland...
  • Let's start a band - Hallelujah - Born to run - dancing in the dark - this is the life - slow down...
  • Where you're gonna go? Where you're gonna sleep tonight?
  • I love her songs,she's what could be called a true musician/artist ;)
  • :(
  • She has great voice and nice songs. Furthermore, she looks lovely. Slow It Down ♥ [3] This Is The Life ♥
  • I saw her live yesterday and she was fantastic and really charming


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