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After recording their second demo in 1989, Amon changed their name to Deicide. Roadrunner Records forced them to do that because there was a song called "Amon" Belongs to "Them" on the King Diamond album, Conspiracy. The demos were later re-released on the Deicide compilation "Amon: Feasting the Beast".

The Hoffman brothers started using the Amon name again in 2007, a few years after being kicked out of Deicide.…

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  • AMON "Brána Do Pekla" CD (WRATH061) -- They called the Master and the Gate of Hell opens once more... It is time for the return of Black Metal and the worship of the "Antikrist". Terror ( = "Strach") strikes the hearts of all those who dare defile Satan's chosen music as Dr. Fe proclaims their imminent annihilation. Ancient Czech Black Metal Cult. Released in April 2015 CE. Checkána-do-pekla for further sound files. Available @
  • Alright, I now (finally) have finished masters for: UPWARDS OF ENDTIME "Beyond Infinity" DoubleCD (WRATH059), HELLSODOMY "Sodomy Is Nigh" CD (WRATH064), DANTESCO "Venancio" CD (WRATH065) and BLOOD STORM "The Atlantean Wardragon" CD (WRATH066). With AMON "Brána Do Pekla" CD (WRATH061), DANTESCO "We Don't Fear Your God" CD (WRATH060) and ILLEGAL BODIES "Mindflayers" CD (WRATH058) released earlier in 2015 and SARDU "Standing At The Precipice" CD (WRATH062) and MEGIDDO "The Holocaust Messiah" CD (WRATH063) in print right now things are shaping up for an interesting Summer :) Follow us into the eternal fire @
  • Who is this chick with a mustache and why doesn't she play any instruments?
  • remove Glen Benton/embed Andrea Marutti :-D
  • Czech black metal godz
  • The 1987 demo sounds fucking evil for the time. Pretty much blows Scream Bloody Gore and even Bathory away in extremity, to be completely honest.
  • It's great that the Hoffman brothers went back to use the Amon name again. They put it to good use and Amon sounds awesome! I hope they release a new album soon.
  • liar in wait!
  • Amon - Liar in Wait LP out now, looks killer !
  • i want to see some death metal shit here, not some curly haired faggot's pic!

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