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Akeboshi (jap. アケボシ; * 1. Juli 1978 in Yokohama als Yoshio Akeboshi (明星 嘉男, Akeboshi Yoshio)) ist ein Japanischer Pop- und Folkmusiker. Seine bekannteste Single Wind wurde beim 1. Abspann des Animes Naruto verwendet.

Er lernte mit drei Jahren Klavier spielen, später auch Gitarre und studierte Musik in Liverpool.

Akeboshis Songs bestehen hauptsächlich aus japanischen Texten, einige bekannte sind jedoch auch in Englisch gehalten, darunter Night and day, Money und Wind. Bei vielen Songs benutzt er nur selten das verbreitete 4… mehr erfahren



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  • Agree with Beaverdevourer Akeboshi is changing his style and I like the new style too.
  • Hmm not really a fan this album. His classic volkish sound is almost completely gone. What is left are kinda medicre and generic songs...
  • We'll, I listened to at least five songs from this album before (there were some on Start forming the words), so when i heard them again in this album they didn't feel "new" for me. Maybe that's why i thought the album was filled with old songs. :P
  • There's only two and they're heavy rewrites- particularly Drifting Sounds.
  • I usually don't like it when artists fill an album with old song remakes, but well... he created some master pieces for this album too, so i guess i can forgive him. (?
  • Great to hear all of your impressions. I'm also really in love with the album. I feel like it's a combo of all the prior stages of Akeboshi, and some of the new direction he's going. I love the whole album so much! @psych0f0x I feel the same about Drifting Sounds, even though I really love Along The Line.
  • He never disappoints me.
  • I've been listening the new album the last few days quite a lot now. It's certainly very different from his previous albums, which is of course a good thing. I would guess that people who are very fond of more "traditional" sounding Akeboshi - like on 'Meet along the way' - won't like this one quite as much. For me it's slowly starting to grow on me. I really dig the fresh stuff he's done, like adding electric guitars. Break the spell sounds almost like it could be a White Stripes song, and I definitely hear some Beatles vibes on Tiny rainbow. Meltwater is more traditional and I also really dig the album version of Standing on the line.
  • i've checked up on some of his more recent stuff today, and I am so stoked to buy an album or two!

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