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  • Avatar für technozenexp
    love all your music aimee!
  • Avatar für blacktapegrrl
    I won't make you feel bad when I show you this big ball of sad isn't worth even filling with air....
  • Avatar für KaylaSoul
    Love and Anger come as a Pair...
  • Avatar für SendiSirpa
    Aimee rules!
  • Avatar für guille_feliz
    an angel signing!
  • Avatar für sinaliento
    this whole album is so good. my favorite.
  • Avatar für Katiucha
    It was the first Aimee song I've ever listened to. It really changed my life. I can't stop loving Aimee since then.
  • Avatar für jane_eyre07
    My favorite Aimee song at the moment. It is very sombre, yet breathtakingly beautiful.


You don't know, so don't say you do -- You don't. You might think that things will change, But reality intrudes They won't But take my word -- You paint a lovely picture, With a message for you And it's real bad news I was undecided like you But I could not stem the tide of overwhelm You try to keep it going, but a lot of avenues At first And thirst Just aren't open to you when you're real bad news I've got love and anger They come as a pair But buyer beware When I show you You can take your chances Make you feel bad And I won't This bog ball of sad isn't Worth even filling with air And baby, let me tell you Like whose secrets are whose And that's real bad news You can get some things confused Real bad news Real bad news

Songtext für Aimee Mann - Real Bad News



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