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  • Saw and met Daniel on the 30th at his DJ set in Melbourne... one of the best nights of my life! <3
  • Had been a bit disappointed with recent stuff but some songs from Blood Spills Far from the Wound aren't that bad.
  • Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound вернул в 2007.
  • resurrecting necessary response was the best idea ever... new cd is the best aesthetic perfection since a violent emotion
  • Those acoustic versions of old songs are priceless. :D
  • I am going to see them on 2nd August in London with Shiv-R . I got the tickets. it's nonsense is going to be in dublin on 31st july , then 2 gigs in spain then 4 dates in UK...
  • Да уж, просрал все полимеры
  • скатился в говнопоп
  • Two first albums (especially Close to Human) are really good. Necessary Response is great as well.
  • Come To Poland Daniel!!!
  • NYC?
  • Change the main pic pls! This pic is main already since 1967!
  • up
  • That being said, Daniel <3 I hope you can play a variety from all your albums, this will be my first opportunity to see you perform live, and seeing AP has been one of the top on my concert bucketlist so I'm crossing my fingers that you can play a couple old tracks! See you @ the Highline.
  • Been a long time fan, and although your overall sound has evolved throughout your album releases I learn to appreciate them all individually for their quality, those who expect to hear the same work or see the same art from an artist A) clearly don't understand psychology (and if anyone is still lost go sign up for a Psych101 class I don't have the patience to be your damn wikepedia) B) Need to put the original CD back in the player and play it, then STFU. Very rarely does a musician develop a consistent sound or ambiance without becoming incredibly stale, I've been a fan plenty of artists and as they released new albums I listened but I obviously have my favorites and then there are the few that unfortunately I just did not enjoy the newer music, that's when I MOVE ON AND BRANCH OUT TO FIND MORE MUSIC, ARTISTS THAT SOUND LIKE WHAT I FEEL I'M MISSING. I don't proceed to BASH the artist and waste my time ranting and bitching on social networks/writing letters etc.
  • ♥ Daniel ♥
  • its amazing how many people got butt hurt over my opinion of the shit new aesthetic perfection garbage (and simultaneously how many friends i made who completely agree and were glad someone finally said something about it. lol) i have nothing against innovation, but a violent emotion sounded nothing like every other aggrotech band as you describe. it was quite varied and diverse and inspiring. at least those songs still get respect in the clubs while the new trash is discarded.
  • we just posted Aesthetic Perfection photos on our site at feel free to check them out also please ""like"" our page thanks.
  • Favourite musician and has been since the first release. Diversity, range and overall artist merit all successfully achieved. Glad there's a change in sound, A Violent Emotion is a great album but I wouldn't have wanted another. Excited for future works. Hoping for a NR cover, not gonna lie.
  • dark bieber electro
  • I like Faderhead, but he's arguably even less industrial than AP...
  • New album is great! Nice work Daniel!
  • I love reading people's butthurt on here. If you don't like his new stuff stick to the old one, problem solved. I don't know what you want to accomplish by crying and whining. It won't change Daniel's mind about the music he makes so pipe down. Also if he kept making the same shit you would cry how boring and unoriginal he is. You can never satisfy people.
  • this band is complete garbage now. first 2 cds were exquisite but since they signed to metrop they just wana make gaypopindust garbage. total shit. signed, ex-fan
  • WTF?
  • Personally, I loved Necessary Response exponentially more than Aesthetic Perfection, but that doesn't diminish my liking of AP any. Whether you like the new album or not isn't really of any consequence, because for every lost fan, there's a new one made that liked a predominantly different genre. Complaining about it on a website that in no way will be noticed, is just beyond ridiculous, as it's not going to change anything. If you don't like it, stop listening to it, and play something you do like. Time to grow up, kids.
  • It's not fucking latin jazz, either; it's just a solid, immaculately produced, alternative pop album.
  • UP
  • well, the new black is good.
  • Well to be fair AP has never claimed to be dark electro or industrial, these are just labels fans have stuck on them and to be honest it's stupid how many sub genres we keep making up as music fans to describe what we listen to as if it were an exact science. Electronic music is about as simple as it gets to describe AP, After four albums that is the common theme, he just chooses to draw upon all sorts of influences to combine into what he makes. I mean look at the above description: "It is not a comment on society. It is not a forum for philosophy. It is not your new voice. It is not a revolution. Without form, without ego or intention, Aesthetic Perfection is incredibly pretentious. Influences are combined, songs composed. Audio is recorded, edited, arranged and mixed. Music designed without purpose." Too many music fans treat genres like gang symbols, if an artist dare explores other genres then suddenly they feel betrayed and pissed off, it's childish really.
  • yeah, yeah, new album is "amazing" and "incredible" but this is not DARK ELECTRO and not electro INDUSTRIAL music at all. This is a good soundtrack for some Twilight or other girlish teen "horror" and "gothic" movies..
  • It is very clear AP had alot fun making this album and for the most part put together a really solid album. 'Till Death feels like a more complete album, but also more focused. AP had a clear vision of what he currently wants to do with his music and in that regard he succeeded. The album flows really well, even the few songs I am not crazy about on it, don't really bother me because overall the album feels like it has purpose as opposed to 10 random songs stuck together like a mix tape. It also has a few catchy songs that are just fun to hit repeat on which is always a plus to give an album more lastability. Who knows, perhaps he will go a totally different direction on the next album once again and at the end of the day his music is his dream so who are any of us to say what he should or shouldn't do with it. This album proved to me that whatever direction he wants to take his music in as long as he puts the work into it he clearly has the talent to pull off his vision.
  • Change isn't always a bad thing, AP's style of music has changed quite a bit, but the soul of it is strong, perhaps stronger than ever and in the end isn't that what makes good music enjoyable. Regardless of the style you can often feel if the artist's heart was into what they were writing or if it was just pumped out to fill a quota. Sure he could have made a clone of his old albums with the same old songs rearranged with similar lyrics as a lot of bands do and that works well for some bands because they do in fact really dig what they are doing. Honestly, I was more disappointed with all beauty destroyed, as an album it didn't flow that well and over all not all of the songs really clicked, which is totally understandable as a number of factors come into play when an artist goes in a different direction. Thus I was really skeptical of 'Til Death before it was released, but still went into it with an open mind. When you start taking music too serious it stops becoming fun.
  • New album is super amazing incredible. And I think people just *want* to dislike it; honestly, there's tracks on the new album that would have sounded perfectly at home on A Violent Emotion. And the whole album is certainly much more consistent than All Beauty Destroyed was.
  • v is
  • Is the next album going to sound like Lady Gaga?
  • New album is a american-pop crap
  • Lights Out is such a masterpiece! And Death Rattle is the male pendant of The Birthday Massacre
  • mmm... another BlutEngel?)
  • I like All Beauty Destroyed much more than the new stuff.. waiting for some kickass remixes like aimon dark half remix!
  • Chora recalque, eu já tenho o 'Til Death e nem foi lançado ainda :-*
  • what genre is the new stuff? alterna rock ?
  • NEW UP
  • CRAZYBALLIZTIK: Official album premier! (Full songs)
  • Big Bad Wolf ❤ [2]
  • I miss how they used to sound... I do really like, "The Dark Half" though..
  • Big Bad Wolf ❤
  • UP


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