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  • Action Painters: Chubby Dancer

    14. Jul. 2007, 5:57 von puddlegum

    Action Painters have independently released their debut EP called Chubby Dancer, promoted through Devious Planet. Their debut is described as "Somewhere between the mod frenzy of Live at Leeds-era The Who, the joyful shimmy of early-Talking Heads, and the power and grace of non-sucky-era U2, Action Painters slay dragons with their soaring melodies, slinky grooves, and undeniable soul." (OurStage)

    Starting in 2006, the Action Painters formed in Brooklyn, then moved to Manhattan and began playing shows. The pop sensibility of the band is obvious on the first spin, and fans noticed as the Action Painters brought their music to the stage. A slot at the CMJ Music Festival came after their third performance, and they began to record their EP in the fall of 2006.

    OurStage members voted Sooner or Later to the #1 Pop song in July, hinting at what is most likely coming for this young band. The album's clever song-writing and crafted hooks has mass-appeal, and all it should take is the right exposure for this band to explode.