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A Lot Like Birds is a troupe of seven kindred yet wildly different souls from Sacramento, California. Founders Michael Franzino and Michael Littlefield, multi-instrumentalist and bassist, after growing out of respective ska and punk rock scenes, collected an eclectic group of musicians from miscellaneous genres and projects: originally intended as guests on Michael and Michael’s debut album, “Plan B,” Cory Lockwood, screamer, and Ben Wiacek, guitarist (of post-hardcore project, Discovery Of A Lifelong Error), Athena Koumis, violinist (of folk-rock… mehr erfahren



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  • Plan B is still one of the best post-hardcore albums. Bums me out that Michael Franzino thinks his writing was subpar for that album but got damn Plan B is stellar
  • Yall will probably like Gloe, a self-described mathgaze band, with some similarities to ALLB. They just released an album and are supplanting my need for more ALLB.
  • с пивком пойдет
  • No Place is WAY too different from DGD for any comparisons to be made. And for anyone who just doesn't "get" No Place, it's a concept album. Each song is a room in a dysfunctional, fucked-up house. Google up some explanations on the album, it's actually pretty damn dark and fascinating. Really makes you appreciate the album more.
  • lol whats with this crazy guy talking to himself, some weird people on this site ;)
  • I don't know if I'm really a fan of these types of bands anymore, but there's a certain amount of nostalgia with them that keeps pulling me back. I'm quite conflicted. At least ALLB have some redeeming qualities unlike DGD.
  • hahah sorry dude, i always feel weird about the things i post and end up deleting them.
  • ai'ght then homie, delete your shout, make me look like I'm talking to myself, damn
  • I'm mostly talking about progression in relation to each other, not individually (but in my opinion, WISIRO and IG are worlds apart, though that's beside the point). I feel like the bands are both pretty different from each other now, I couldn't imagine a song from No Place fitting in on Instant Gratification, or vice versa. We'd have a much different DGD if they were producing songs anything like Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over or Shaking of the Frame
  • "These days," in reference to the time after No Place and Instant Gratification. In my opinion they're not similar at all anymore: lyrical content, instrumentation, and vocal styles between the bands on their most recent output are distinctly different (seriously, Kuroi Ledge versus We Own the Night). The only things that tie them together are Kurt, and falling under the ever-broadening heading of post-hardcore. Maybe "unfounded" is a strong word, but to reduce them down to a "Dance Gavin Dance rip-off band" is just ridiculous

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