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A Lot Like Birds is a troupe of seven kindred yet wildly different souls from Sacramento, California. Founders Michael Franzino and Michael Littlefield, multi-instrumentalist and bassist, after growing out of respective ska and punk rock scenes, collected an eclectic group of musicians from miscellaneous genres and projects: originally intended as guests on Michael and Michael’s debut album, “Plan B,” Cory Lockwood,…

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  • Yall will probably like Gloe, a self-described mathgaze band, with some similarities to ALLB. They just released an album and are supplanting my need for more ALLB.
  • DGD with Kurt > any other era
  • New DGD just doesn't do it for me, while on the other hand I can never get enough of ALLB
  • с пивком пойдет
  • No Place is WAY too different from DGD for any comparisons to be made. And for anyone who just doesn't "get" No Place, it's a concept album. Each song is a room in a dysfunctional, fucked-up house. Google up some explanations on the album, it's actually pretty damn dark and fascinating. Really makes you appreciate the album more.
  • lol whats with this crazy guy talking to himself, some weird people on this site ;)
  • I don't know if I'm really a fan of these types of bands anymore, but there's a certain amount of nostalgia with them that keeps pulling me back. I'm quite conflicted. At least ALLB have some redeeming qualities unlike DGD.
  • hahah sorry dude, i always feel weird about the things i post and end up deleting them.
  • ai'ght then homie, delete your shout, make me look like I'm talking to myself, damn
  • I'm mostly talking about progression in relation to each other, not individually (but in my opinion, WISIRO and IG are worlds apart, though that's beside the point). I feel like the bands are both pretty different from each other now, I couldn't imagine a song from No Place fitting in on Instant Gratification, or vice versa. We'd have a much different DGD if they were producing songs anything like Hand Over Mouth, Over and Over or Shaking of the Frame

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