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  • AL4W just announced they're gonna break up next year :(
  • miss the "kids can't lose" sound [4]
  • as much as i love TKCL, these guys are incapable of producing a bad song. they deserve the world.
  • Love how Before It Caves sounds! Don't know the other albums tho
  • miss the "kids can't lose" sound [3]
  • miss the kids can't lose sound too. is the new album worth listening to? i have it in my library but haven't even given it a spin yet.
  • miss the "kids can't lose" sound [2]
  • before it caves is cool, solid jams. miss the "kids can't lose" sound though!
  • New album feels pretty lazy to me. Too many guest vocalists, too many last minute key changes in their songs, and another re-recording of a previous track.
  • mmm...I don't know...after the first listening, I'm not feeling it...It looks the songs are good but it just sounds too slow and bland. The first song is killer (that chorus and that paris...) but the rest it just lacks the bit of intensity both other albums had.
  • cool new album. cool old band.
  • These guys play way too fucking loud live, and trust me I like my music loud but holy hell
  • New album sounds awesome.
  • cul
  • She sold her soul to the state of California.They'll take you and make you into everything you said you're not.
  • Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can hear our brand new Ep here: Hope you like it! :D
  • Please vote up.
  • Yo! Check out new EP album from a punk rock band "I Gave Back"! Greetings to all of you guys from Ukraine!
  • just damn cool guys!
  • Matt Arsenault just released the first single by his R&B side project 'Class of '92'. Check it out here:
  • Seen them support SYG and FYS, and she sells her soul to the State of California!
  • Everyone check out the new [album artist=After The Curfew]Take Cover[/album] Demo from Melbourne's [artist]After the Curfew[/artist]. It can be downloaded for free [url=]here[/URL]. Terrific [tag]pop punk[/tag] for fans of All Time Low, A Day To Remember, You Me At Six, Blink 182 and New Found Glory etc
  • come to new orleans!
  • Love this band<3
  • Dude seeing these guys was so epic like it was life changing.
  • i also got to sing wrightsville beach with him. so fucking awesome !
  • got to see them at the acoustic tent and then they signed my copy of their split with such gold. then I got to see their regular set and sing wrightsville beach with him. aww yeah.
  • gotta love their music videos
  • Returning to Webster Lake really shows the talent that Matty has.
  • perfection.
  • wow the acceptance cover is quite good
  • Definitely liking it. They also have an acoustic version of America Needs a new Sweetheart on the No Sleep warped comp. Sounds awesome.
  • acoustic ep sounds great
  • yep and its sick VV
  • Acoustic EP supposedly coming tomorrow.
  • She sold her soul to the state of California. They'll take you and make you into everything you said you're not.
  • For those of you wondering what band's shirt is in AL4W's default, check them out! I saw/met them yesterday, and they're really decent guys!
  • I've really underrated this band, seen them live a few time recently supporting FYS and SYG, actually a great band in their own right, and 'Stamp Of Approval' is awesome.
  • Wrightsville Beach cover is sick! So is he Quicksand cover.
  • so lower your drawbridge. you know what the truth is
  • quicksand cover is kind of awful but so is Wrightsville Beach
  • March 28th...... fuck all y'all!
  • The Quicksand cover is awful. [2]
  • The Quicksand cover is awful.
  • new interview with matty:
  • Quicksand cover is awesome.
  • Quicksand cover is so sweet
  • uploaded the glamour kills split


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