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From the band's myspace:

They like to dance.
They self-recorded The Fiery Works in one of their bedrooms.
They had the record mastered by Alan Douches (Sufjan Stevens, Brand New).
They also self-recorded The Fiery Works II, this time in a bedroom and living room.

They're giving away their music for free, so there's no reason not to check this duo out. If you're looking for music to wind down to after a long day, these guys deliver. Their indie pop/rock sound is also upbeat enough to help you start your day off with some positive energy, so these guys also receive points for versatility. Do yourself a favor and download A Great Big Pile of Leaves' music for the sweet price of zilch - it's well worth the price.

Get both EPs at:
For fans of Minus the Bear, The Appleseed Cast, As Tall as Lions, American Football, This Town Needs Guns

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