• A Grave with No Name Interview

    27. Mai. 2011, 12:01 von Rowsell1985

    The cream of the UK lo-fi crop;A Grave With No Name, nurtured by the consistently awesome No Pain In Pop label, have blossomed into a maturity that surpasses their humble origins as mere example of passing musical trend. Their new album ‘Mountain Debris’ is a demonstration of their staying power, the kind of album one plays to arouse a state of emotional and spiritual contemplation. It’s hardly accessible and certainly not as disposable as much of the content associated with the lo-fi riff raff on both sides of the Atlantic. Singer and guitarist Alex Shields, approaches Christmas with a sense of optimism and accomplishment, defending his self confessed egoism as Yule see in the following interview.

    How do you feel about Mountain Debris, what do you think people will
    make of it?

    Alex Shields:I have a cool relationship with the record - it's a pretty accurate
    representation of me as a person, so I both like and am frustrated by it in equal measure - at the same time…