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Ever since sales figures for physical records started to dwindle there has been a debate surrounding the future of the album format. Some people claimed that download practices of the average music fan would make the album as we know it redundant. There were already obituaries for the album as an art-form being published and those who declared that they only listen to single tracks on their iPod anyway. This served as a reminder that the LP was originally nothing more than a collection of a particular artists recent singles anyway. Whether 13&God were thinking about any of this when they started work on their second album „own your ghost“ or not is a different question. Although one might suppose so. For although „own your ghost“ in no way overpowering, it is so diverse that one sometimes has the feeling that one is listening to a compilation. Whoever opens themselves to this album is letting themselves in for an emotional rolercoaster of uncertain terminus. Everything seems to be possible on this record: deathly sad, enchanting indie hymns. Sharp stinging raps by Sharp stinging raps by Doseone with his distinctive voice. Understated grooves, Krautrock tracks, melancholy, lightness…
13&God were founded in 2004 under adventurous circumstances by members of the bands Themselves (Adam Doseone Drucker, Jeffrey Jel Logan, Dax Pierson, Jordan Dalrymple) und The Notwist (Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann). According to the legend the idea for the project was born on the highway near the Canadian border. A burning laptop and a stuffed fox apparently played central roles in the event.
This transcontinental supergroup brings together curiosity, openness and ability. The Notwists signature is unmistakable – the absolute blueprint for experimental indie pop. The same goes for the Anticon band Themselves. That such different musicians time and again continue to surprise their listeners is to their highest credit. „own your ghost“ gives us a sense of how 13&God manage to stay afloat on a see of possibilities, rather than becoming shipwrecked on it.

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