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D E U T S C H & E N G L I S H


Friso R. / Leadvocals , Joachim Sch. / Guitar , Stephan M. / Drums , Jürgen P. / Bassguitar.

Einflüsse/Influences: P.O.D, Queensrÿche, Linkin Park etc.

Klingt wie/Sounds like: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal

Art des Labels/Kind of Label: Ohne Vertrag/Without Contract


Es begab sich im Wonnemonat Mai des Jahres 2009, dass der Gitarrist Joachim und der Schlagzeuger Stephan, zwecks Band-Neugründung, zwei Leute zeitgleich… mehr erfahren



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  • so, what, y'all from germany? i didn't read anything. just saw .de ....
  • i've seen these band names around. i think they just aggregate to where ever there are band w/ only a few followers, you know. this band sounds good though. drums sound good. that's not easy to get, w/out the hollywood budget. of course, the genre makes it a little easier-- just compress the hell out of em, but that reverb'd-out-snare doesn't seem out of place. porno is always good. what is this-- your modern-day "Rocket-Queen"? i'm surprised you only have less than 200 listeners-- then again-- topically speaking, you're not going to get any women fans w/ that tune. i could be wrong, but... anyway. it was catchy... def one of the better tunes i heard so far. whatever this is on now fucking sucks. some like up-beat-of-2 cliche guitar bit, double bass, like-- holy 1993 has come and gone son.... can i press FFwd, (Fluid Enc.), they cant even fucking spell. haha.... HAHAHA... fuck. i actually laughed. unless, it means Encoding? something i don't know, so here i am-- i'm the stupid1: truly.
  • Our new " Scream - YouTube - Video " online now ! ! ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw-37JRIFXw
  • E N G L I S H : I just have uploaded the beta version of our new song "Between Your Legs" on www.myspace.com/11steps ! Hot song, I tell ya!!! Lotsa fun... D E U T S C H : Habe gerade die Betaversion unseres neuen 11 STEPS-Machwerkes "Between Your Legs" auf www.myspace.com/11steps hochgeladen! Heiße Nummer kann man da nur sagen!!! Viel Spaß...
  • Watch our "On The Run - live video" on YouTube!!! Lotsa fun, 11 STEPS... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtAFaa21I-M
  • E N G L I S H : Our latest work "On The Run" now listenable on Last.FM in the 11 Steps - Album ( http://www.lastfm.de/music/11+Steps/11+STEPS/On+The+Run ) !!! Lotsa fun with it !!! Rock on fellows !!! D E U T S C H : Unser jüngstes Werk "On The Run" findet Ihr ab sofort hier auf Last.FM im 11 Steps - Album ( http://www.lastfm.de/music/11+Steps/11+STEPS/On+The+Run ) !!! Viel Spaß beim reinhören !!! Rock on !!!

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