• HearJapan Brings Hatsune Miku Worldwide

    15. Jul. 2009, 17:33 von HearJapan

    Tokyo, JP July 15, 2009- There is a musical revolution taking Japan by storm. It's not happening in any clubs or live houses, but on the computers of thousands of amateur track creators. This revolution utilizes vocaloid software which can be programmed to have characters sing the way they are programmed, sounding exactly like a human. While artists worldwide use this software, Japan has created a unique subculture for it by revolving this world around vocaloid based characters.

    These characters each have their own unique voice and are visualized in an anime style. Such imaginary characters as Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin have started to rival some of the biggest names in the music industry. These characters aren't only fictional, but can also be based on real people. The visual kei/pop star, Gackt has his own character called Gackpoid. Gackt allowed his voice to be used for the character and as a result when track makers use Gackpoid their songs sound as if Gackt himself is singing them.