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Infinite (Korean: 인 피니트) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Woollim Entertainment in 2010.

They released their debut album and hold a showcase on 9th June.

The band consists of Sunggyu (main vocal), Dongwoo (main rapper), Wooyhun (main vocal), Howon/Hoya (Vocal, Rapper), Sungyeol (Vocal), Myungsoo/L (vocal) and Sungjong (vocal).

The band made their self a name in the music business with their 99,9% synchronization in their dances. After their releases 다시 돌아와, She's Back (First Invasion),BTD (Evolution) and Nothing's Over (Inspirit) they first reached #1 on the 1st September 2011 with their Song Be Mine out of their 1st album Over The Top. After they successfully wrapped up their promotions they soon come back with their Repackage Album Paradise with which again they took a #1 spot. After their Korea promotions they entered the Japanese marked with their Japanese Version of BTD, followed by Be Mine. Early 2012 the band held their first concert "Second Invasion" in Seoul and in Tokyo. As the concert was a huge success they held another on "Second Invasion: Evolution". The band made a big comeback with their next mini album Infinitize, promoting 추격자 as for which they held a Showcase in 5 cities, traveling by helicopter. The song received a very good feedback for using traditional korean instruments and they won #1 on several music stations including their first triple crown. Back on the Japanese market they released their next single, the Japanese Version of She's Back.

Through the year Infinite is present in the music Industry they appeared in several Dramas/Sitcoms: Such as Jiu (Myungsoo), While You Were Sleeping (Sungyeol) Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Myungsoo), Reply 1997 (Hoya), The Thousands Man (Woohyun | guest appearance Sunggyu), Just What Is Mom (Myungsoo) such as having their own reality shows: You're My Oppa, Seasame Player, Ranking King

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